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LJMom Posts: 1100
Hi June mammies to be, How ya all doing? Im starting to feel quite heavy now and last night I just could not sleep I woke up every hour. My back is quite sore & Im finding it very hard to get comfortable. Babs seems to be hyper the past few days :o)ll I think she/he is doing back flips cant wait to see what position babs is in at my next appointment. Take care :wv
sarahh Posts: 69
Hey mrs c I am due the 27th of june aswell,were twins ha ha All ok with me i havent had 1 symptom at all it has been great so far i really lucky hopefully it stays that way for me :eek Have u bought anything yet for bambino,or when are u gonna start
LJMom Posts: 1100
Hi sarahh, Im actually the 26th (one day, im so childish!) but I did it wrong on my avatar and it took me so long to do it right I didnt dare try change it O:| Lucky you with no symptoms Ive had low bp whihc is awful but it seems much better in the past few days. I bought my buggy last Sunday I feel kinda bad because Ive always been supersticous (sp?) about these things but it was reduced by €100 as only the display model was left and Ive been looking at it for months so I had to have it! Anyway I suppose Ive all the moses basket etc. from DS so Im sure the supersticous stuff is silly!! I havent bought any clothes yet but I cleared out DS wardrobe as he will be moving into the bigger room once its finished being decorated so Ill have to start soon. I also found the bumper, blankets & quilt off the cot I had for him so Im delighted a few less things to buy! Id love to know what Im having but we didnt find out as hubbie didnt wantto so I said Id wait. Do you know is it a boy or girl?? Keep in touch & take care :wv
speedy55 Posts: 512
well i'm great. it was getting a bit lonely around here, doesn't seem to be as many june to be mammies as before! myself and mum2be to be the regular hanger-outers :o0 had my 28 week appointment on thursday.all's's head down and my blood pressure has gone down which is fab. i am still the human hoover though, can't get the food fast enough into me and i'm not one bit fussy either!i'm exercising a good bit though so i'll blame that for a great pregnancy yoga dvd by shiva rea its great to hear about everyone else's to Next's sale now :wv