how did you cope with illness/accident?

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prettymolly Posts: 43
hi we are getting married in less than four months...i was out running three weeks ago and fell on my face nothing broken just awful scars from stitches on nose which wont be cleared up for wedding i know there is make up etc but to be honest thats no consolation to me now!!!! I m really upset by all this so what I m lookimg here for please is how did you cope with some accident / illness before your wedding/any special event in your life? id love some advice on how to move on/ help me get over it thanks so much for reading xx
Ellefun Posts: 1312
It's normal to be extra sensitive or conscious of your appearance on the run up to your wedding. Have a chat with your make-up artist about how best to conceal the marks. Maybe even do a trial with her and I'm sure she has some tricks up her sleave. I hope you heal soon and there is no permanent damage. :action32
Mari yay Posts: 4045
You could try taking some arnica to help the healing, not sure if its too late but it might be worth a shot.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
My OH broke 2 ribs and punctured his lung playing football 8 weeks before our wedding, I was awful upset. He was off work for 5 weeks and took a lot of minding (as well as no wages for 5 weeks) I had a load of running around to do and because he was at home all day on his own then he wanted to come everywhere with me just to get out of the house! Then we werent even sure if he would be allowed to fly. It was terrible at the time but it was all fine on the day, once you and your OH are there then thats all that matters. The MUA will be able to do a good cover up job on it so your pictures will be fine too. I've never tried Arnica but it sounds good so maybe give it a go. Best of luck