How do u not drink while pretendng to drink?!

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eldc2012 Posts: 17
Going out with friends tonight for the first time since BFP! i'm just 9 weeks and havent had scan yet so obviously I dont want to make any announcement! Thing is, dont want my friends to notice I'm not drinking! No point in saying I'm driving or on antibiotics or anything - they'd smell a rat a mile off cos I NEVER don't drink! And I cant cancel either - the whole reason everyone is going out (about 10 of us going for dinner) is to welcome us home from honeymoon & catch up. Havent seen them all since the wedding. So, the plan is: I will have a glass of wine with dinner (not a bottle like I wouldve had in the past!) and then for the rest of the night drink the same thing as my husband (like an alcopop) but I wont really drink it - ill just switch bottles with him and make him drink for two! Do you think this will work? I know DH will be psd but all in a good cause! (We probably will end up in a round with someone cos it never works out that we buy drinks in twos when we're out. If we end up on our own round then i can drink vodka & white without the vodka!) I'm so afraid to cause suspicions! But I figure if I HAVE to have a few sips of some drink then an alcopop is better than vodka/cider? How did ye guys hide it when ye were out?
McLisa Posts: 1815
could you drink something like a spirit and mixer obviously without the spirit so it looks alcoholic or even a non alcoholic cocktail?
fumoir2009 Posts: 367
even no alcoholic beer if u drink beer, put it into a glass and no one willknow the difference - good luck! :wv
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
Vodka & 7 up without the vodka!