how long did you wait before going on honeymoon????

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
we're getting married on a saturday & staying in the hotel the night of the wedding and the night after and were hoping to fly out the next day(monday) but to give us less connecting flights we'd have to wait til the tuesday to go - but i think waiting around two full days after the wedding will be a bit crap - i imagine we'll be just trying to kill time. ......... how long did you wait??
Love Street Posts: 359
we r getting married on the 12th sept but our daughters birthday is a week n a half later so we wont be able to go away till the end of the month :o)ll i say the day or two will fly for u just think of it as an extension of ur honeymoon book urself in for a massage or treatment in the hotel and enjoy :o0
noc Posts: 1802
We waited one day. Married on Friday and travelled abroad on Sunday. I think the extra day off is no harm at all. We were [i:20d1ggym]knackered[/i:20d1ggym] after the wedding. We just had a lovely quiet day together (sleeping mostly) and we opened some of our cards and presents which was really nice. If you're flying long-haul it's a great idea to be a rested as possible beforehand. Long flights when you're tired and cranky are not a pleasant experience...And it's DEFINITELY worth minimising the number of connections. We had only one connection through Chicago but it was a nightmare and we very nearly missed the second flight. In fact the only thing that saved us was the fact that it was unexpectedly delayed after boarding had closed, we did a LOT of sprinting and a bit of crying and pleading with groundstaff. I'd say take the extra day off before you travel. And have a great time! :wv
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
we are getting married on the Saturday and we are to leave on Honeymoon on the following Thursday :wv
mcd08 Posts: 425
Hi We are getting married on a Saturday, flying to London on Sunday afternoon, then flying on honeymoon in the early hours of Monday morning. We will be tired but didnt want to leave it til Tuesday as it would mean an extra 2 days off work (with travelling there and back). We kind of wondered what we would do on the monday if we didnt travel then - but we are travelling straight to Jamaica - there are no connections to make, so it probably would depend where you are going.
redwifey Posts: 2932
Like you we got married on a Saturday and travelled on the Tuesday morning first thing (New Years Day). The extra day at home was brilliant as we used this to pack and to be honest you will be so tired after the wedding it is great to use it to catch up on sleep rather than wasting a day of your honeymoon. It all depends on how much holidays you have etc and whether you can afford (holiday-wise) to spend the extra day at home. I would definitely recommend having the extra day though to recover.
Jojo27 Posts: 23
Hi :wv We are getting married on a Wednesday and flying on Sunday at 12noon .. can not wait !!!!!!!!! :o)ll
ilikecakes Posts: 222
Hiya! We're getting married on Saturday and not flying until Wednesday. To be honest, to start with we were both a bit disappointed that we couldn't just blaze away on Sunday or Monday morning, but now we're delighted! We're going to book ourselves into a gorgeous hotel for the Sunday and Monday nights (by the way if anyone has a recommendation for a place within an hour's drive of Rosslare, I'd much appreciate it!), then staying in an airport hotel Tues night before we fly out Wednesday morning! Think it'll be lovely to have a couple of days to completely relax and get excited about the honeymoon all over again, and as someone else said, not be completely knackered for the first few day after arriving!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
Same as you jojo, Were getting married on Wednesday and then flying out on the Saturday, Gives us a chance to relax after wedding, plus open our pressies and pack our things.. instead of worrying about packing bags before the wedding.
pet chalupa Posts: 197
eh we got married last June and we still havent had a honeymoon and still nothing booked. :-8 I really want a cariibean cruise so im going whether or not DH wants to come or not. (he is a bit weird, in that he doesnt really like going on holidays - freak :o0 ) So a couple of days is more than fine to wait :wv