How much time off work did your DH/DP take when baby arrived

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January Baby Posts: 1427
Just wondering what amount of time off did your DH/DP take for arrival of baby. Did they start their leave before baby arrived or from when labour started? Thanks a mill! :thnk
lambnose Posts: 915
DH took 2 weeks off after DD1 was born and one week >:o( after DD2 was born. To be honest I would not bother with your fella taking time off before the birth as you will so need him around afterwards instead.
bonita Posts: 1678
DH plans on taking 2 weeks from the day we come home from hosp PG.
Rocky Posts: 465
we're lucky in that my DH works from home so he was around all the time while i was on maternity leave. such a help, we were very lucky rocky
love struck Posts: 1125
babycrazy Hubbie going to take off 2 - 3 weeks from when we arive home. I dont feel like there is any point in him taking it while we are in hospital as he will want to spend time with babs and can do that when we get home!!
OAT Posts: 2207
My H2B only took 3 days as he's the only on-site employee and at the time my Dad was dying so we knew he'd need to save ''days off'' for the passing of my Dad :o(
Babybop. Posts: 592
My hubby got 3 weeks off which is great he finishes up on the day the babys due which is the 18th July and doesnt go back until the 11th of August which is great.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
DH took a month from when DS was born it was brilliant and lovely for him as he got to really bond.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
DH is planning on taking a month off after babs arrives - will be delighted to have the company and the help!
sinion Posts: 6050
yeh mine's looking at taking a month off too, definitely 3 weeks anyway but he's trying for a fourth.