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SGirl Posts: 2542
Hi Girlies, Hubby and I have been having unprotected sex since Aug... not really trying hard to concieve just seeing what would happen. Then a friend of mine told me she had been trying to concieve since Aug also, bit she had actually been working hard at it :o0 she told me that nothing happened til she bought an ovulation kit and used this and became pregnant when the test told her she was ovulating. SO I bought one at the weekend and lo and behold i was ovulating, we had wonderful sex, and now my boobs are getting sore and tender- is it possible that i am pregnant and already feeling the symptoms? No need to reassure me I am not really worried about concieving just yet, just was amazed that my boobs were sore, and it got me wondering!? Is it possible to feel symptoms already?
Babylou Posts: 724
Hi I jusked asked a similar question, when did you dtd?
1happywife Posts: 248
I started feeling different as early as 3DPO metallic taste in my mouth and very blue veins on my breasts however they did not become tender until around a week afetr AF was due. Really hope this is it for you I also used ovulation kit and DTD based on this and I really believed this helped us get our BFP so fingers crossed for you :o)ll
SGirl Posts: 2542
Well ladies, thanks for replies. Im afraid it was wishful thinking, my boobs were really sore for about 2 weeks whick is so unusual, I was convinced I was pregnant and then I got AF a week early... very strange. Anyhow, hopefully it will happen for us at some stage esp since we are now armed with an ovulation kit!