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autumnbaba08 Posts: 127 the deed after you found out you were pregnant? I'm 16 weeks +4 and am terrified :eek in case something happens or affects the baby. Both my partner and myself are tearing our hair out but I'm so nervous. Any advice would help :thnk
MeWimmysBaby Posts: 456
Now it didn't really happen that often up until about 15 weeks but that was mostly cause of nausea and tiredness but unless your doc warns you off dtd I don't think there is any reason that you shouldn't . We def dtd after we found out,but it became quite uncomfortable for me so it wasn't that often. If your doc says don't then that's different but if doc hasn't mentioned it then it's up to you.
happycamper Posts: 186
hey, don't be worried we were dtd fairly regulary up to about 4 weeks (we knew straight away) then i wasn't feeling too well had cramps and the like for about 3 weeks but since then nothing has changed, ie when and as often as we can :o0 :o0 :o0 . The doc actually told me without me even asking that it was ok to continue to dtd far as long as it was comfortable. It doesn't effect the baby in any way. Obviously everyone is different. I have had a fairly easy pregnancy so far and only the few weeks of feeling sick but apart from the expanding belly you wouldn't even know i was preggars so maybe its easier for me to relax.