How to tone up top of legs and waist

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05/06 Posts: 38
Hi, i have been told that i have lost weight recently and i'm happy in how i look in my dress but i still have weight on the top of my legs and also around my waist. I'm not thin but i dont want to lose much more weight incase the dress doesnt look as nice. Does anyone have any tips? I joined the gym - and i intend to go more often over the next few weeks. So far can only manage 10 minutes on the cross trainer though!
booboo Posts: 622
Hi Welldone on the weight loss and on joining the gym. To be honest the cross trainer won't help with toning your tummy and thighs...I had the same problem as you I am slim enough size ten but just was flobby and totally untoned...I started with a personal trainer four weeks ago..I cannot believe the differnce just four 30 minutes sessions has made to the shape of my body..I am toning up everywhere.. If you don't want to invest in a personal trainer approach someone in the gym who can set a program for you and tell them about your problem areas....They should be able to help you Good luck
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
I went to an adult irish dance class night and oh my good god if that doesn't tone up my legs and ass nothing will! Plus it was great craic and the fastest hour ever!! If I'd been in the gym for that hour I wouldn't have sweated and would've been bored and looking for excuses to leave!
skittle0806 Posts: 6
Elmo, where did you do the Irish dance class?
05/06 Posts: 38
Thanks girls, im off to the gym tonight so i think i will ask one of the trainers what i should be doing to tone up. I only have 7 weeks left and then its bikini time!!! My main problem is that i give up too easily so i really could do with a personal trainer (maybe when i go to the gym tonight i'll point out that as part of the sales pitch i was told i'd get €500 worth of personal training :?: :!: )