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pinkie246 Posts: 86
sorry if this is not in the right place but i'm getting desperate now i can't think of anything to get H2B as a gift on our weddign day. He does not ware jewlery and the weddign is abroad so it has to be small enought to transport. :o)ll Please help i only have a week left :o( thanks pinkie
Ms HP Posts: 617
pinkie246 I got my h2b a watch really because that's what he wanted!
dreambaby2013 Posts: 2445
i was talking to the h2b about this the other night and we decided we are not getting each other gifts but going to treat ourselves to a hot air ballon ride instead. We got engaged in santorini but he said if we hadn't got engaged there it would of been a hot air ballon so we are going to book one for after the wedding as a gift to each other.
pinkie246 Posts: 86
Oh thanks girls a joint gift could a winner for us both ! ! Might look into a weekend away for after we get back as we are not having a long honeymoon :o)ll thanks again :wv