I hate packing

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Jawl Posts: 8881
So so much!! I used to love it when I was much younger, years of it has taken its toll on me! :o0 If I could hire somebody to do the packing, I would and pay them! I think I went a bit overboard as I wanted new clothes for honeymoon. I've enough feckn new clothes for 3 honeymoons. Plus a load of stuff hanging in the wardrobe that I never got to wear this year as the summer was so bad. It's a sin all that'll probably never see the light of day. Twas like a lucky dip when last years case came out. "Ooooooh I forgot I had that" every 10 seconds. So I've 15kgs checked baggage with Ryan Air and 10kgs hand baggage so I've a big bag gone on that won't weigh more than 15 and have thrown my undies and swimwear in the hand baggage. I can't take ghds or make up in there can I? That will have to be checked won't it???
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
I love it!!!!!! I'll help if I can come in case :o0
lilybelle Posts: 424
i used this website for my wedding and honeymoon packing you can persoanlise you list but pretty much everything is covered in it. unfortunately you still have to actually put it into the case yourself. http://www.packinglistonline.com/index.php have you tried the sub zero g suitcases they are really light made a huge differnce with our packing you can get them in argos they quite flimsy to look at but ours were fine going to italy we put suitcase straps on them just in case but they were fine good luck
vidia Posts: 2960
Lucky you!! Yes, you can take the GHD in your hand luggage, but make sure the make-up fits in the little plastic bag, or else they'll take it off you!!! When are you off?????
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
Oh my heart bleeds for you Jawl! Too many clothes to fit in your bags, for all your holidays! :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0
lucie lu Posts: 760
Are you expecting sympathy for having bother packing on your holiday? I don't think so!! And as said before, God love you having to pick through ALL your clothes to fit in your suitcase! :ooh I do know what you mean though, I hate having to decide on what to bring. I drive my DH mental, one time he could have nearly killed me when I was adamant that there was a slight possibility that I might need a new coat I'd bought on our sun holiday- in my defence...it can get cold at nights, and freak weather incidents do happen!
workingmom Posts: 3429
I hate unpacking even more when I get back home!
HippyChic Posts: 1812
I LOVE packing :heartbeat: There, I said it, and it's true >:o) My OH and my Mam both bet me that I couldn't fit what I needed into the tiny case I was using the last time. Ha ha! Don't challenge the master! :cool Jawl, I would come over and pack the sh!t out of your luggage if I knew ya! :o0 Enjoy your honeymoon! :compress
galwaygirl2010 Posts: 2447
You can definetly bring the ghd as hand luggage - but make sure to put it at the top. My mom always brings her curler and is always stopped at security to have her bag opened so they can check it. The first, second and third time it happened, the curler was at the bottom of the caseand everything had to be taken out for them to get to it. She finally learned her lesson and now always packs it at the top of the case.
I love packing and usually start about 3 weeks before I go any where. Even doing just a weekend away I will start a few weeks before. Yes I know, I am a freak!