I'm actually afraid to eat!

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FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
This MS is getting worse girls I don't know how i'm gonna get through the next few weeks. I bought those sea bands and they worked for 3 days and thats it. I can't hold anything down not even water and i'm actually loosing weight. This morning I made a slice of toast, i cut it in half and i ate half of that so basically ate a quarter slice of toast and i was running to the bathroom. I had 2 gingernut biscuits and some water about an hour after that and again I was running to the bathroom. Anything I eat doesn't stay down. The only thing I managed was a bowel of rice krispies and i even feel sick when I'm eating them its horrible. Its got to the point where I'm afraid to eat cause I know i'm gonna be hanging over the toilet a half hour later. I have no energy cause I'm not digesting anything. I know I need to keep hydrated but how can I if I'm throwing up a simple thing like water :(((((( This constant hungover feeling is absoloutly exhausting!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Would you try jelly? Sounds mad for for a couple of weeks I was advised to try it. Now, I felt nauseaus all the time (still do a lot of the time) but at least with jelly its very liquid so it stops you getting dehydrated and it was the only thing that stayed down for me. I keep the fridge stocked with individual portions and if I can't handle anything else in the morning one will stay down for me. Also good for when I wake up queasy at night and just need something in my tummy.
Snotzer Posts: 361
You poor thing; have been there myself its awful what worked for me was getting up really early, but before getting up eat dry toast in bed.. really makes a huge difference also try lucozade original or full fat coke, just sip it things like potato waffles are also good, put salt on them hula hoops also are a nice dry food, they make you thirsty so help get fluids into you!
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
I tried waffles, they were delicious but not so much when coming back up :hic sorry I actually had some jelly the other day at my desk i think it stayed down i can't remember now. I know not to eat large portions so i try and nibble stuff through out the day but that nauseous (sp) feeling is there and once its there I know i'll be ill. I just hope and pray that it will pass after the first trimester. I don't want to wish these weeks away cause it took us so long to get pregnant in the first place but this constant sickness makes you wanna go asleep for 12 weeks solid
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
Would you try icepops? I know they aren't food, but you'd get some fluid and sugar into you and since it's only a tiny bit at a time it might stay down more easily. I think I read one of the Mums a while back saying she made dyoralite into icepops for her little ones when they are sick and can't keep anything down. I give DD frozen innocent smoothie tubes or frubes when she's sick. They might work? Hope you're feeling better soon. I had awful nausea when I was pg with DD, but thank god it was never as bad as you've got. :xox
happy mummy Posts: 424
Oh you poor thing! I was sick until week 18, was in hospital twice for dehydration. Not nice at all! I found that sipping on sparkling water helped, stayed down a LOT easier than still water. I also found that eating something like a plain granola bar or breakfast bar before getting out of bed in the morning helped on some days. Strangely enough one of the only things that never came back up was chocolate!! And I usually hate the stuff! And a nurse in the hospital told me to try sucking on those glucose sweet (they're in any pharmacy and some shops) so that your energy levels will stay up. Another nurse told me to drink dioralyte (sp?) to replace lost electrolytes from all the throwing up. I didn't drink it cause I found that sipping on full fat coke did pretty much the same thing. Now I couldn't even look at the stuff!! Yuck! I know what its like to be afraid to eat but a lot of it is trial and error, you'll find some foods you can stomach but only if you stay eating. Make a list of things that make you ill and then steer clear of them. Birds Eye waffles were my savour at one stage - oh or a plain baked potato with some butter and LOADS of salt! Hope you start to feel better soon. Remember, if you can't keep fluids down go to your doctor straight away. You could end up dehydrated like I was and its not pretty!
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Thanks for the advise girls I really appreciate it. I might try a few things youve mentioned see if they work.....it just feels like an endless battle with food to see what I can and can't tolerate. I have a christening to go to tomorrow really looking forward to it but i'll probably end up spending most of the time in the bathroom :o(
happy mummy Posts: 424
Aww I can feel your frustration! I know how horrible it is. The sickness just takes over your whole life! I hope it begins to lift for you soon foxylockz!
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
God i think i wrote your exact post a few weeks ago. I feel so sorry for you, cos i was exactly the same, except i didnt throw up as often, although when i did i felt such relief, for a little while anyway. I tried everything, and nothing worked! My Doc prescribed anti nausea tabs at 9weeks as i had lost so much weight, 7kgs in 3 weeks! they kinda worked, but i think i was coming out the other side of it then anyway. They were called Stemetil if you want to ask your doc about them. They made me very drowsy though. I felt like i wanted to die all the time, i questioned what the h ell i was thinking getting pregnant in the first place! :eek I went to bed with pains in my stomach every night cos i was so hungry but i just couldnt find anything i wanted to eat, i could barely drink even! I lived on dry toast and banana sandwiches, with the odd baked potato, but it was such a struggle, and my heart goes out to you. :xxx But i does pass, mine started to ease at 12 weeks, and now im flying it! Eating all around me again. So try and hang on in there, and take everyday as it comes. Go to your doc to make sure you are not getting too dehydrated, the fact you are throwing up everything is worrying. Just try to keep focusing on the big picture, i know thats really hard right now, and you probably want to tell me to F off! :o0
happy mummy Posts: 424
[quote="BoodlesDoodles":8q6cju2u]I felt like i wanted to die all the time, i questioned what the h ell i was thinking getting pregnant in the first place! :eek I went to bed with pains in my stomach every night cos i was so hungry but i just couldnt find anything i wanted to eat, i could barely drink even![/quote:8q6cju2u] I did this too on days when I was at my lowest! We started to tell people around 12 weeks and no one could understand why I was so miserable! Eh, how would you feel if everything that touched your mouth was guaranteed to be seen again later! Its so nice once you get past that stage though, I know thats not much comfort to you FoxyLockz at this stage but it WILL get better and you WILL start to enjoy being pregnant! :action32