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tgimp Posts: 57
Im just 7 Weeks pregant and im totally shattered...........Every day i feel like ive been run over by a bus !! Is there anything i can take to help??? :o)ll :o)ll
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Nothing u can take as far as I know. I find power snoozes and ironically exercise helps!! It's tough being so tired tho especially with the nice weather.
StellaBella Posts: 432
I know I feel the very same... and i have to pack up my house and move in 2 weeks time, I don't even know where to start!!!! I think just let ur body rest now, if u can, apparently this exhaustion will pass after the 12 week mark.
junebabymama Posts: 31
are you taking any vitamins?? maybe taking pregnacare will help...
tgimp Posts: 57
the only thing im talking is folic acid................I suppose working full time and getting married in 6 weeks doesnt help, pregnacare will try that so up to the chemist at lunch time 2moro so......yea fingers crossed it will only last up to the 12 weeks,
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
Oh girls I feel for ye...I was exactly the same up to about 14 weeks. Couldn't believe the tiredness. It will pass though, in time. Just rest when you need to.
scobette Posts: 1010
i used to have a bottle of lucozade and found it helped
redrobin Posts: 428
The only thing to do is get as much sleep as possible at night. Go to bed at 9 if you need to. This time round I'm lucky that I'm still on ML and can nap when DD1 naps during the day. It's made such a difference. However the first time round I had a very full-on job and was exhausted in the evenings. I used to fantasize about going off to a quiet meeting room and taking a power nap but it never happened! Don't think there's anything you can take. I found bananas or fruit cake kept me going if I was tired in the afternoon.
monkeyflower Posts: 264
i feel ur pain, Ive spent most of de wkend in bed. am also feeling sick all the time and can only eat toast. I just try to sleep when i can. its going to be a long 5 days in work :thnk
babychino Posts: 634
I was the same for the 1st 12 wks, I'm afraid there's nothing you can take at this stage, just sleep as much as you can. I found that even a 15 minute nap helped & if you are able a walk helps too or just a bit of fresh air. From 14 wks you can start taking iron and that gives a bit of an energy boost. Best of luck with your wedding & the rest of your pregnancy *)