i need your advise... please!?

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weektee Posts: 468
hi... i was a bit nervous to post under my real name, just incase anyone knows me but it doesnt really matter, so im just going for it. I needed someone to help me with this, and u guys came to my head first! ok, so i was due my AF last thursday and by sunday i still hadnt gotten it. this isnt normal for me, the last two months my AF's been allover the place, last month i only had it for 2 days and then it went away (usually i have it bang on the day im meant to, for 5 days..). i thought this was strange so last month i tested and it was negative. didnt think anything of it, until this month i was late a few days and i tested yesterday to check and i thought it was negative but on closer inspection there's a second line there. really faint! i checked that twoweekwait.com and looked at the pics and its darker than even some on there but im wondering has the amount of time thats passed made it darker. this is what i need a hand with... i used a first response test, can the result change after a while? like, maybe it was negative and then the line appeared darker after a while! it was always there but at first i could barely see it but as the day went on i could see it more and more. but then last night, i think i may have gotten my AF. not same as usual, lighter, much lighter, but it is there. so what do you think has happened? should i test again, or is there no point in testing if i appear to be bleeding? please help!! xx
TheBigDay Posts: 651
Sounds to me like you are definately pregnant :thnk Those tests are never wrong if there is a definate line there. Last month could have been an implantation bleed? You probably need to go to your doctor to verify dates etc... CONGRATULATIONS!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
weektee Posts: 468
also... meant to say that im on the pill and we're not ttc!! also, i changed my pill a couple of months ago. maybe that could be to do with it? should i test again, or is it automatically gonna be negative purely because im bleeding just now?xx
luigi Posts: 867
Hmmmm... oh dear! Sounds a bit of a tricky one- your head must be turned! I really think you need to take another test as the two lines suggest you're pregnant. Taking another test will mean you will know one way or the other but dont panic just yet. Changing pill can be responsible for a pregnancy, but at the same time it can be responsible for spotting and unusual periods, so there's still a chance that you may not be pregnant. Let us know the result of another test. The bleed could be your period, and then again some women bleed lightly frequently through pregnancy. Im not much help really, am I?
TheBigDay Posts: 651
Oh, that does change things. You should not take another pill until you go to the doctor, just in case you are pregnant. Maybe take another test tomorrow. Really, those tests are very rarely wrong. Best of luck.
weektee Posts: 468
anyone else any ideas? or had this happen?
Ducky Posts: 2506
I did bleed on and off when I changed pill brands for a while but still got withdrawl bleed on time. I think you are pg (congrats!) and have just had an implantation bleed. I would test again asap with Clearblue or a digital one. My BFP showed up faster on ClearBlue than First Response. Or go to GP first thing tomorrow...
weektee Posts: 468
i tested again last night... and it was negative. i told H2B about the first test and he definitely thought that it was positive and encouraged me to do another! i bought an accurate one yesterday, but it came up negative. are these ones any good? i dont know why i didnt get clearblue, they're the best arent they!? im meant to start back my pill today but im gonna hold off. may do a clearblue test and then go to the doctors? what you think?xx