I think I may be anemic :(

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FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
It dawned on me that i was a little amemic on my last pregnancy and it may be the case again. I've have little or no energy, i'm exhausted I cant even climb the stairs i feel short of breath and a little dizzy and i'm so pale aswell. I'm fair normally but i'm like a ghost! The only thing is, is there anything I can take this early on? I'm taking folic acid but i don't think its enough and pregnacare supplements make me feel ill I remember i was on galfer FA in my last pregnancy but i started taking it around 14 or 15 weeks I don't want to take anything thats gonna harm me or the baby. Any advice?
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
you could well be. my advice is to get a blood test done by the doc before taking anything. the other thing i wanted to say is that the low HB only really tends to rear its ugly head in the 2nd trimester when your body starts diluting the blood. thats why the HB decreases and also babs growing. at 6weeks gestation, you are prob just tired, pale and SOB from the early stages of pregnancy. but in saying that, your symptoms are classic of low HB and the only way you will know is by blood test. go to gp and get it checked. the other thing to do now is to eat Iron rich foods.the below i found on internet. Good sources of iron can be split into two categories: meat-based (haem) and plant-based (non-haem). The body doesn't absorb iron from non-meat foods as easily as it does from meat sources. However, you can enhance iron absorption by including a source of vitamin C with your meal. Tannins found in black tea reduce the absorption. So, it's better to have a glass of orange juice with your bowl of cereal in the morning rather than a cup of tea.
boodlesdoodles Posts: 900
Are you suffering with bad morning sickness/nausea? I was exactly like you from week 6 to week 12, i was out of breath climbing the stairs, could barely drag myself out of bed etc. But i was barely eating cos i couldnt, and even drinking was a task, so i literally had no energy. But the sickness has all but gone now, im eating more and feeling much much better. So it could just be the effects of the early stages of pregnancy, there is a lot going on with that little bean at the moment, so they take all your energy. From what i can gather they dont recommend iron as standard anymore, and i thinks its only prescribed later in pregnancy if your iron is low, to prepare you for the birth. Best to probably have a chat with your gp and see what they think.
28-sept-10 Posts: 1832
i was put on galfer from the time i found out ,as my iron levels were low and they said it causes no harm to baby get some galfer and plenty of rest
ohsotired Posts: 7071
If you think you're anemic go to the doc and get your bloods checked. There's no point taking iron if you don't need it - or look at your diet and see if you can eat more iron rich foods. I was told to try to keep things as natural as possible and only take supplements if told to!