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billygate Posts: 952
hi guys i am due to come off the implanon in Jan gettin married next aug so would prefer not to get pregnanet till after the big day... i am nervous about going back on it immediately does anyone know if it effects fertility rates?
miss sixty Posts: 467
Hi Billygate, I had implanon in till last Jan and like yourself I was avoiding a bump for our big day in June, so I went straight on the pill. Off the pill since June and there is no baby yet. I too am worried as to how much it affects fertility and I did chat to my doc but Im not convinced they know fully either..........its still a relativly new form of contraception. My DS is 4yrs and was concieved after missing a series of my pill - and it was the same brand that I used from jan - june this year so I doubt that will be a cause of affecting fertility. Have to say Im a wee bit shocked Im not preggers given my track record! One girl told me recently that her friend was 4 yrs TTC after implanon - even tho she had a child from before she got it in. Im getting very mixed stories, so sorry Im no help to you but I too will be watching this to see will anyone be able to give us any info.
Alexis07 Posts: 64
Hi ladies, The implant does not effect your fertility at all. In fact most women will ovulate within a month after getting it removed. This is why it is used by women to space their children. The daily dose you get is much lower than what you would get with the pill. Some women have even been reported to ovulate within a day of having it removed. So I wouldn't worry at all about it.
miss sixty Posts: 467
Hi Alexis 07, Thanks for that! You put me a little more at ease with that. Cheers! xx
billygate Posts: 952
phew!!!! thanks ladies!!!