Importing alcohol unaccompanied within the EU

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ellee Posts: 666
Have done a pile of looking into this wollies and thought I would let you have the benefit of my hard work! Basically, it is very expensive! You are not liable for customs tax but are liable for excise AND Vat. Excise is huge. For example, on sparkling wine (which was the subject of my research) it is currently €546.01 per 100 litres. This changes every year. So for 60 litres (80 bottles) that worked out at €327.61 and then they charge 21% Vat on the ENTIRE amount. Ouch. ;o( Here is a useful link to a revenue leaflet that I finally located after much fannying about; Useful contact emails also; [email protected] and [email protected] Found them very prompt and clear in their responses. Even if I didn't like the information :o0 Hope this is helpful :wv
aperocot Posts: 1
Hi, this is an old thread but is exactly what I am looking at doing. Has anyone actually gone ahead with it and how bad were the damages. My own back-of-an-envelope calculations put about €4-5 on top of each bottle. Just wondering if anyone who did this could report back on timeline, and delays etc. Am planning on having it arrive 10 days before the day - coming from Austria, of all places :) thanks. Delays at port of entry, or might it get waved through ;) AP
pwelsh01 Posts: 2
Hi, I have a lot of Italian wine at very good prices, if you're interested PM me. Bottles of Mirna Shiraz, Mirna Chardonnay Delle Venezie, Villa Cavallino Pinot Grigio Blush and Chardonnay Tervini All wine sold at 4.50 a bottle. Contact Pat on 0879063713