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bride. Posts: 3014
Has anyone been watching this new series on tv3 (I think). It has a member of the public being 'transformed' by a panel of experts including a life coach, counsellor, cosmetic surgeon etc. They really seem to want to break the person down before they build them back up again, like they're trying to be Simon Cowell or something. The 'quirky' camera angles are driving me mad, it's a good enough programme without them so I wish they'd stop.
Little Kitty Posts: 914
I've just watched it for the first time tonight and I have to say I think it's really, really positive. I was just saying to H2B how it's so unlike the 'extreme make-overs' & 'The Swan' where they think all the persons problems are solved by going under the knife. For instance in the episode tonight the guy obviously suffered from low self esteem, bad diet, excessive drinking etc They set him a program where he went to a Psycotherapist (not sure how to spell it!!), dietician, Fashion Expert, Yoga Expert, life coach etc so at least he wasn't just going under the knife and then sent on his merry way.