Invitations- What do they cost?

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loveofmylife Posts: 254
Ok so I'm at the ordering the invites stage and am looking for advice on cost etc. I am happy to make them and have been looking at Cards and Pockets but it seems to be around €250+ p&p+ customs to order materials for 140 invitations. So what I want to know is how much are invitations costing you and Did you buy them printed or go DIY? Either way would love to know where you got the invites from or the materials from and how much they cost you!! Thanks a million for your advice girls xx
frazzledkitty Posts: 882
we got ours on Vistaprint..had 50 day invites and 100 evening invites..all came to about 120 euro including envelopes
thekerster Posts: 159
zazzle seems to do really nice ones too... and not overly expensive if you're on a budget!