is it notmal to be in so much pain??

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igottafeeling Posts: 195
Hi Im new to this pregnancy thing!! But am wondering I went for a scan last week after being told I might be miscarrying from the doc (no bleeding) just awful pain. They thought it was a molar pregnancy. But when i went for the scan the girl said all was ok and baby bean was fine. Im just wondering is it normal to be in so much lower abdominal pain. It always on the right side and its seriously crippling. It even woke me from my sleep last night its so bad. Im also absolutely exhausted all the time. I know tiredness is part of pregnancy from what Ive read and pain is ok but is it normal to be so so so painful?? Sorry for asking a stupid question but family dont know about pregnanct yet so cant ask anyone else
Salander Posts: 1639
could it be constipation? I was so bad early in my 1st pregnancy i ended up in a&e! I was in agony and the pain was on my right side.
candypants Posts: 8575
Get that checked out immediatly, esp if they had already mentioned a threatened miscarriage. I dont want to go into to much detail about my own exp, and while im not one for going to the doc or hosp, i would honestly get it checked as soon as you can. Best of luck, at let us know how you get on O:o)
igottafeeling Posts: 195
[quote="Salander":3ez48hwi]could it be constipation? I was so bad early in my 1st pregnancy i ended up in a&e! I was in agony and the pain was on my right side.[/quote:3ez48hwi] No dont think its that. Had thought it but all is working well down that side of things.. :-8 Will get it checked. When i went back to get checked the last time they said i was fine and that its ok to have pain and that it wasnt eptopic... Not this much pain is right surely... Thanks girls.
candypants Posts: 8575
That much pain doesnt sound right. When was your last scan?
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Could it be your appendix??? The pain for this does be on your right side. I would say def get it checked out again :wv
candypants Posts: 8575
How are you feeling today? Did you have it checked out?
deem Posts: 710
I had really bad pain on my right hand side, was higher up though but am now 27 weeks, so suppose everying could be just pushed up alittle further, was so bad few weeks ago went to gp who sent me to a&e, with suspected appendix. turned out it was excess acid production going into the bile duct, indigestion, and told me to treat with gavisgon, was slightly mortified :-8 :duh: I would def get checked out though, no point in taking a risk as it could be appendix. Though i was told it would get rapidly worse over period of few days. My pain kinda comes & goes, still there though.. Hope all works out well
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
I had a really bad pain in my side too and I was so worried. It turned out to be ligament pain from all the stretching. Hopefully this is all it is for you too - your little bean just getting bigger and making room for him/herself :babydust: :babydust:
igottafeeling Posts: 195
Hi girls thanks for all the advice. Oh its terrible still. Went to the doc and he said that there was no point in A&E seeing as I went there monday two weeks ago.. He said to wait until the next scan which is next week... Maybe I just have the largest bean of all time! ha ha. I keep having nightmares at night about having a mc... LAst night i fell out of the bed ranting and raving... Forth time in 3 weeks! I think actually im just nuts! Why cant doctors be more clear. Its like a the start they just feel if youre gonna mc you just will so no point in putting any effort into us! I will try gaviscon...