Is it possible to have your mobile phone hacked?

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PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Just wondering if any of you can shed some light on this? I've been going through my Vodafone bills for the past few months as they've been really high. I've just seen a charge for €14 for a call made to Algeria! I don't know anybody in Algeria! The first time it happened I was on holiday in Brazil and not using my phone although it was switched on. It's several different numbers and sometimes it's a call for about 3 seconds costing me €2 or so but ... it's not me, it's not my hubby. Any ideas? There's internet on my phone but I don't use it. Obviously it's a lesson for me to start reading the bill properly when it comes in and querying it but I was away when the last two bills were paid by direct debit so I didn't query them. I'm puzzled ... and feeling a bit sick that I could be paying for someone else to ring their friends in Algeria!
Synergy Posts: 2768
I've never heard of it but Jesus that's crazy. Hopefully someone might be able to shed a bit of light on it for you. Get on to customer service and let us know what they say
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
Yes, it is possible. You need to get onto the Fraud section in your mobile phone company so that they can investigate it for you and also refund the amount that was made.
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Thanks Synergy, well I just noticed that the phone call that's labelled as from Algeria is a call I made from Brazil to my mum's mobile but as well as the usual 353 code for Ireland it's got a bunch of other numbers in front of it that I didn't dial. I'm going to get onto Vodafone and see what the story is but I had roaming set up for when I was there so it was supposed to be (reasonably) cheap to call home. Bizarre