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kerrylady Posts: 99
to start going to bridal shops and trying on dresses? I'm really not a good shopper or the type who wears a dress so I'm extremely nervous and almost dreading looking for a dress so I want to give myself loads of time to find the right style for me. The wedding is May 2010!!!
moyra-smyth Posts: 511
It probably is a bit early yet I would leave it till after xmas. But everybody is different. Personally I went in knowing exactly what i wanted but i quickly realised what i wanted didnt suit me and what i swore i didnt want looked fab!! You realise in the first 1 or 2 shops what styles suit your shape i think.
dollybird222 Posts: 184
i suppose there is no harm in going and having a look what is in the shops and get an idea of what u think u would like your dress is a big buy so give yourself lots of time and if u find a dress that you like you have lots of time and it might even come into sale before your wedding. im 2010 and im dying to go on and just try on a dress will prob go after christmas but at the mo i have a definite idea of what i want and the material but if i didnt id prob be having a look in the shops now goodluck
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
IMO its never too early to be made a fuss of & be told you look beautiful in something. I've started looking & trying on & I have to admit I'm having great fun with it cause I'm not taking it too seriously. Like OP I'm not a great shopper, 1st shop I officially went to I brought my godchild who is also BM, we'd great fun trying on the enormous fru-fru dresses, falling around the place laughing. I even had her singing the wedding march for the craic. Enjoy the experience I say and at least you'll know what style suits & won't be under pressure when you've other stuff to be focusing. Have fun with it :wv
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
No harm in looking and giving yourself loads of time. No one is saying you have to buy straight away but sure it will give you an idea of what styles suit you and you will be able to relax knowing how much time you have. Some bridal shops may try to put you off a little but sure you can always tell a little white lie :-8 and tell them you are getting married sooner than you are until you find the dress you love. *) Have fun and good luck with it all. :wv
Barbalou Posts: 1617
Look at it two ways 20 months to the wedding is a bit early. But if you are a standard size you could get lucky and find the dress of your dreams in the sales which start from Sept to make way for 2009 stock. If you're not I'd wait unless you intend to buy from abroad or on the internet.
tiznot Posts: 53
I would at least wait a few weeks until the 2009 collections are in. If u have a look at designer web sites u will notice that styles are starting to change a lil bit.
kerrylady Posts: 99
I suppose it is a bit soon yet, and as ye say even leave it for another 2 months or so. I am a funny shape and not a small size so this is why I'll have to give myseld plenty of time so I can enjoy the experience! Thanks for the advice girls!
Mrs P2be Posts: 453
Hi Kerrylady! D-day for me is the week before you according to our tickers anyway! I was wondering the same thing - I am actually booked in to have a look in a shop tomorrow - not for picking THE dress, just more to have a look around and see what type of style suits me and colour etc Im the same as you, i want to enjoy the experience, I am very tall for a lady so I am afraid in case I have trouble getting a dress long enough so I want that bit of extra time to get one mde if i cant buy one. The way i see it, if i see a dress that I really love then whats the problem with getting it a bit ahead of time!! It will be better that way than worying if it will be in on time !!
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
There is no harm looking now, the styles of dresses dont really change too much from season to season and at least you can get an idea of what does suit you. I started looking just before christmas '07 (a whole 18 months before!) but maily because my CBM was going away in the January for a year, so I wanted her to see some dresses on me. Anyway I went to 3 shops in total before christmas and while two of the shops were great, the third one I went to was a horrible experience. Long story, but one of the many things that spoiled it was the fact that when I said I was getting married I was told in a very snooty manner 'Oh you are [b:hqknf31d][i:hqknf31d]FAR[/i:hqknf31d][/b:hqknf31d] too early to be looking' She went on to tell me that I shouldnt be looking until 5 months BEFORE the wedding - like WTF ? Needless to say I would never set foot in that shop again for a variety of reasons, but thankfully it wasn't the first shop I went to otherwise I would have been very put off. After that though I didn't start looking until May of this year - I found my dress and veil and ordered both of them. I knew what I liked and didn't like though so it made it easier for me going looking again.