Is sex safe during first trimester

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madness2 Posts: 7
Hi everyone, I am new to all of this. Just starting week 6 and due is Sept. All going well so far, really tired and feeling nausea at times. Just wondering is it safe to dtd during the first trimester :-8 :-8 ?? or should I wait until the first scan?
newone Posts: 1714
madness2 Posts: 7
Thanks for getting back to me O-O
Love Street Posts: 359
go for it :o0 seriously though if ur one of the lucky women that actually wants to have sex while pregnant go like the clappers :eek
bride22 Posts: 359
All research states:::It perfectly safe as long as its nothing too athletic!! This is one area that has def been boosted for me and hubbie since we got our BFP . I thought he would go off me but quite the oppisite.