Is this too much for flowers?

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Flowerbomb1 Posts: 92
Was quoted €1270 Its for my bouquet, 3 BMs, 12 buttons, 1 FG, 10 pew ends, 8 window arrangements, one large one at entrance to church, 2 large at back of altar, altar, trailing arrangements at sides and pulpit arrangements! Does this sound like too much flowers to ye? Could I leave out the pew ends and window arrangements? Church is quite large and I've no intention of making anything myself. Plus MIL wants to pay for flowers. I know she won't complain about the price and its a friend of hers doing them, but it just sounds like a lot to me. Any advice?
leeby Posts: 313
my advice is look at your church again and see what you can or want to cut back on.. will people be looking at the windows honestly theyll be breaking their necks looking at you both.. sorry to sound cynical but Ive been looking at friends wedding pics and I cant believe how much I didnt notice including pew ends!! Although Im going for pew ends :o0 Is that including centrepieces for hotel? I was going to go all out for the church too but a friend said people notice your reception more... so have tried to make a happy medium... hard though
hobokenbride Posts: 20
I am in the same boat here, my quote is 2100 Euro but includes an arch etc (300 for the arch alone - opting not to do that now as it is too costly) but pretty much the same as yours, 4 bms, 2 fgs etc. It is a buyers market in Ireland right now so I am shopping around again to see what prices I can get, working now on a cheaper price with another florist, weighing up my options. I am having window flowers and candles also but I am reusing them on the tables at the reception, having 5 at the church and then bringing back to the reception along with another 5 or 6 for each table. People will remember how the tables looked so it is worth it for me to do it this way. The prices I have been quoted are outrageous ... all depends on your choice of flower too.
Flowerbomb1 Posts: 92
Thanks for the advice. I never notice flowers in the church either! Will try to cut out some of them. Don't really think people will see the flowers on the windows. All the other pieces will be quite large, so probably won't be able to transport them to the hotel on the day. Bit of a waste if they are just left.
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv My quote for flowers is €2500, but i am getting everything, from flowers to my Parents house, The Church, The Hotel (as i don't like their flowers), Bridal party and little bouquets for our loved ones who passed away, just so we can put them on their graves.. I would say your flowers are quite expensive, do you mind me asking what type of flowers you are going for?
hobokenbride Posts: 20
I am keeping it simple and going for Tulips ... nothing too crazy right ... so I think this is a little too expensive.