IT - Problem with hotmail account

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Ladies are any of ye into IT? Lately on my hotmail account I have been repeatidly receiving an email from MYSELF. I had nothing to do with this. It is also being sent to people on my account. From this happened I have been having difficulty accessing my elail account. Either when I log in it just boots me off the internet or when I I am on it for a couple of mins it will do the same. When I am logged on there is a lot of clicking going on as if I am trying to do something where I am not. I think it must be a virus on the computer but I have anti virus, also I have no problem when I log on from my work computer. Any advise?
MrsOC09 Posts: 1175
this happened me before everyone was getting emails from me that i hadnt sent, just changed my password and it stopped :wv
pixiechick Posts: 647
That happened me as well. I kept getting delivery notices saying my messages were sent. Friends were receiving Emails from me about cheap electrical appliances online that I recommend,I definitely did not send them :eek As MrsOC09 said change your password,I now change mine every couple of months and thankfully it has not happened since. Maybe your account was hacked. A new password will probably sort it for ya.
baby-bel Posts: 929
ya same happened to me, loads of emails about electrical appliances were being sent to all my contacts and to lists of people id never heard of alledgedely (sp??!) from me!, also all my contacts dissapeared at one point too, I tried reporting it to hotmail but never got anywhere, changed my password and have been fine since then thankgod.