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Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi, I'm hoping I'm not being premature starting this!! Got a very faint positive today and just can't help feel excited! Hope to have a few to join me on this journey over the next 9 months! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
almighty angel Posts: 281
Popping in to say congratulations. I was on the Jan 2012 thread and DS is now 15 weeks old. I can't believe the year has come around so quickly. Best of luck to everyone who joins on their journey.
theresa156 Posts: 126
Congrat's Sleepmonster...i will happily join u... got my bfp today too...wasn't even going to test as got bfn yesterday at 12dpo so thought i was out....delighted....had ds1 last Nov.....here's to a healthy pregnancy ahead :action31
summersurprise Posts: 1276
big congratulations to sleep monster and theresa156 how exciting a 2013 thread! i always get a bit excited when i see a new months thread it brings us that bit closer to meeting our lo. here's to a safe and healthy 9 mths ahead for you and many more!!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hello!!! :) Congrats to you too Teresa, isn't it exciting!! I'm squinting at my faint positive all day and hoping to God that it is here to stay. Looking forward to hanging out.
twinkles1 Posts: 137
Hi girls, I got my BFP today too In total shock!!! Have ds1 3 years & ds2 months, I'm seriously gonna have my work cut out!! Congrats and hope we all have a healthy, happy pregnancy ahead O:o) O:o) O:o)
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Congrats Twinkle, you sure will be busy!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Hey Ladies, Looks like a few of us where doing tests yesterday morning!!! Used a first response [u:1rca0yxo]2 good solid lines!!! [/u:1rca0yxo] 17 dpo - in and around my period was a little funny last month!! I used the davids ovulation sticks, which i have to say worked really well for us :) we'd a miscarriage last year, so this is SUPER exciting for us. May this be the start of a fabulous Summer, and the best New Years present - I feel emotional even writing that... we are not telling a single person, so thank god I have this!! Congrats to you sleepmonster n Teresa
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Best of luck to all of you I won't be staying for the journey unfortunately. Shouldn't have let myself get carried away :( Take care x
twinkles1 Posts: 137
I'm so sorry to hear that sleep monster i hope we'll be seeing you on another thread really soon. The same thing happened to me the year before last and I got pregnant again 3 months later and had a baby in November. I know you're probably very upset now but don't let it knock you and keep trying ; ) x