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MrsSoprano Posts: 507
Thought it would be a good idea to set up a thread to share details of any January Baby Sales ye are aware of that might help some fellow mums or mums-to-be. Hopefully, i'll be able to add to it soon!
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
I'll be watching this thread as I haven't bought my carseat yet!
Daff Posts: 11644
if you know the gender the Next sale is brilliant. I'll be heading in to it at 6am :weep
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Great idea - I'll be popping to the shops on Stephen's Day & then into town the next day so will keep my eyes peeled!!!
adelz Posts: 3088
Super idea, Ill def keep an eye on this! Just one for now, I was in tk maxx yesterday and they have their gro bags down to 10e its 2.5tog and they were lovely, they also had some of the baby clothes reduced down!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Mothercare ad on the radio earlier - sale starts Stephens Day!!
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
Tony Kealys starts St. stephen's Day too. Won't be going near a shop but they will discount any items already on order if they're reduced in the sale. You have to ring them though.
Lady Penelope Posts: 2019
Great thread. Anyone know if the Next sale starts online on the 26th as well?
pag Posts: 633
[quote="Lady Penelope":3sezaq6d]Great thread. Anyone know if the Next sale starts online on the 26th as well?[/quote:3sezaq6d] Next don't do online sale in rep of Ireland (not sure about other countries) the site is usually closed off. In store only in the past.
applette10 Posts: 251
Saw earlier on tv that Smyths baby section are having their sale from tomorrow morning :o)ll