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MrsLV2B Posts: 19
hello Anyone got a Jenny Packham dress for their wedding? :wv Can't decide whether a veil suits them or not because they aren't traditional dresses
seabride Posts: 137
I wore a JP and a veil. i think it depends what style you go for, some suit veils and some don't.
NowGone Posts: 8042
Depends on the precise dress. I got an Elizabeth, and a veil look a bit silly, tbh, but it had "shoulder bits" (Can't think of a better way to describe it) so a veil wasn;t necessary.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I wore "debut" very plain and simple, not typical Jenny P. I wore a beautifull veil that I got a lend of. I'm mad to sell my dress, thought it would be easy but now I may just donate it. It takes up far too much room.
cheryl cole Posts: 49
My friend wore a JP dress and had a long plain cathedral length veil that was gorgeous with it
figroll Posts: 40
Hi hun, I wore JP Eloise a month ago in Spain and i wore a veil: Veils are so lovely, and you really feel like 'the Bride' in them. Mine was just past the end of my dress, whatever that's called! Figroll
Bonita09 Posts: 96
Hi Figroll Your photos are amazing, your dress and veil look absloutly stunning! I am getting married in the Guadlamina next year and would love to hear how you got on, have just p'md you! Cheers :wv
figroll Posts: 40
Hi Bonita09, I've PM'ed back.. The guadalmina was absolutely fabulous -and if you haven't had your taster meal yet your in for a treat - the food unbelievable! Thanks for the compliments - i'm hate myself in pictures but i can just about bear to look at myself in these.. thanks to the amazing photographer Eric who cames with us over to spain. Girls, ask me anything, thats what we're here for! Figroll :wv
MrsLV2B Posts: 19
hello figroll I just want to say how spectacular you look in your dress!! You should model JP dresses!!
kitten_77 Posts: 826
figrol-l fab outfit! a friend of mine wore a JP dress and had a very plain cathedral veil with it, looked fab.