Ju Ju Be Changing Bags

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serenity Posts: 3675
Hi girls, I love these bags... My friend got one in the States last year and it really is fab - a little more expensive than some of them but my sister wants to get one for me as a gift... Does anybody know where they stock them in Dublin - a good range of them? I know I can buy them online but a lot of people have said that you need to really see the style in the shops before ordering because they can look very different online.. My friend has a lovely black and grey one.... Just wondering if anybody has seen them in any of the big shops? Thanks a mill xx
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Hi serentity, it says on the JuJuBe website that they are stocked in Murphy's in Rathcoole but I've never been there so I don't know how much of a range they have.
14thmay2010 Posts: 148
I bought a JuJuBe small from http://www.jellybeangroup.com/display_c ... egory/150/ great service from them. They take laser and i had it within a few days. I love my jujube small bag, it holds loads and is a nice size.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
E-Baby in Greystones stock them.
serenity Posts: 3675
Thanks a million girls for all the replies.. I am North County Dublin so some of the places are quite far away... Might just take a chance and order online.. I am sure I won't be disappointed xxx
mrs burgundy Posts: 85
Oh serenity you lucky thing I love those bags. Saw a friends bout a year ago and always swore I'd get one when I was lucky enough to get a bfp. Obviously too early for me to even think bout it so let me know how you get on!! My friend got hers online and no probs. My sis is heading to the states in June so she might be picking one up for me (please god) :o0
Blackbird Posts: 5135
Thinking of getting the one that turns from a backpack to a messenger style bag but not sure then how it hangs on the buggy. They are expensive though so I'm not sure. I just bought a cheap changing bag the last time.
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
Serenity i ordered one from jellybean.Got wrong size and was able to return it no problem...
MrsClucky Posts: 440
serenity Posts: 3675
Thanks again girls for all the comments... Think I have my heart set on a Ju Ju Be All bag... Just gonna try see them in the 'flesh' before I order them... As it's hard to judge them.... But I love them. Bluebaby - how ya doing twin?!?! I am great, thanks.... I love the pink lining ones too - they are so gorgeous... One of my cousins has one of them though and says that whilst she loves it, it gets grubby because her one (and not sure if they are all the same) is material and not easy to rub stains off... She does love it though and the designs are so fab... !!! I mean they look like designer bags!!! xxx