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june12bride Posts: 54
Hi there, I'm not doing a wedding day report but a review of my suppliers. Johnstown House Hotel in Enfield - everything I expected and much much more. It was just so slick and professional on the day.  From the moment we went to look at the hotel I knew it was going to be a perfect fit for what we wanted, style and comfort.  Its a beautiful hotel but still very comfortable.  The wedding co-ordinators could not do enough for us coming up to the wedding and on the day all expectations were exceeded. There are so maybe different places that people can relax for the pre dinner drinks, the bar, the foyer with comfy couches, the benches by the pond.  The food provided at this time was fresh and well received.  We chose to have sandwiches and scones (jam & cream) with tea and coffee. In the package you get sparkling wine, we asked for half of the allotted amount and asked could we provide bottles of Heinekeen and not be charged corkage as we only had half the bubbly.  We had 200 at the wedding so provided 100 bottles of beer (€100) and the amount of people that commented on the choice of free alcohol, it's a tiny amount of money in the context of the day but people liked it.  No need for entertainment at this stage as there is a piano in the lobby and they put it on automatic.  The grounds are fantastic for photos, we were lucky with weather and got some lovely photos in the grounds down to the right hand side of the hotel but the best photos we got were standing up on the pond.  We chose to get a partition (Frog Prince) in the reception room to take away a third of the room just so that the room was a little cosier and I hadn't discussed with the hotel what they would do with the empty space but when I walked into the room they had rose petals and lanterns making a pathway through the empty space, it was a beautiful touch.  The room was fabulous, the food was out of this world and the wine was refilled without me even noticing.  The service was like nothing I have ever seen and I was just so happy with everything.  I felt that they looked after every single thing I needed to the stage where the next afternoon I went to reception to ask if they had anything belonging to me and they had my shoes, bouquet and handbag.  I recommend this hotel without hesitation. We had Goodfellas for our wedding band and there are no words to explain how perfect they were.  They read the crowd so well and made sure that the floor was absolutely packed all night. There were people dancing on the carpet because the dance floor was so full. We had given the lads a couple of songs and artists that we liked and they played all of them.  As with the hotel I would recommend this band.  They are complete professionals and with lads like this it's something that you can book and not think about again because you know they have it sorted so you can worry about other things.  The DJ was ProDJs, a recommendation from Goodfellas and they were brilliant too, no one noticed the link from one to the other which is what you want and shows they work so well together, the dance floor never emptied between the band to the DJ. We also got uplighters throughout the room from and they are connected to ProDJs, they did a great job, provided a great ambience in the room and definitely made a big difference in creating an atmosphere and coziness in the room.   As already mentioned we also got a partition in the room from FrogPrince, this made a bit difference as I wanted the room to feel compact and not a vast conference room with loads of tables and big spaces. I love this partition and would recommend it for a party of our size.  If anyone wants to see photos of lights or partition or hotel let me know and I'll send them. We got cake toppers from cake and they were just fantastic. If you book them at a wedding fair you will get a discount but even without the discount they are fantastic.  Ours are now sitting beside the TV and I love looking at them. My dress was from Kathy De Stafford (Pronovias Fauna), I loved it dearly but did find that by the time I started dancing that the final fitting I'd had to take it in around the tummy and hips had fallen out and that dress was slightly baggy but sure I didn't care at that stage, it's a beautiful dress to wear.  The ties on the dress of course broke as with most wedding dresses I've seen and I should have gone upstairs and pinned it up with the nappy pins I'd bought for such an occasion but I was having too good a time and it was a light dress to carry. I bought a veil in Aspirations Bridal on Dame Lane for half the price I was quoted where I got my dress so definitely look here for your veil and she was able to get it in within a few weeks.  I got shoes in Schuh and had them off after the first dance and as with the pins didn't want to bother going upstairs for wedding flip flops so just took a pair from the baskets I'd done in the bathrooms.  Don't spend money on shoes, mine cost €70 and that was too much but I'd looked so much for lowish/cheapish shoes that my head was wrecked and I just bought them.  My friend is currently wearing in her New Look wedding shoes and they are fab.  I got my bridesmaid dresses in the Bridal Outlet in Baldoyle, you arrive there and they don't have a massive amount of dresses but they are great at reading your body type and they actually picked out a dress when we were about to leave and they were the most perfect dresses on the girls.  I went with peacock blue colour and it was just an amazing colour when the dresses came in.  They only do alterations Monday to Friday 9-5 so we got alterations done elsewhere, a lady outside Clane did them, if you want her contact details let me know.   My hair was done by Hair by Rhaina, she was fantastic, my hair and the girls was just perfect, I got my hair up and it never moved and inch all day, the way it was styled meant I could take out all the clips and wear it down perfectly the next morning. During the trial Rhaina was extremely patient and during each style she took the bit I liked and moved on to the next style and then we came to the perfect style which was what I envisaged.  Rhaina is a great presence to have in your house on the morning of a wedding, she keeps everyone calm and makes sure people are doing what they should be when they should be.  My bridesmaids kept asking her could they get dressed and she was saying, no not yet.  Make up was by Ruth Lawlor, she is as her profession calls her, an artist. I've never felt so beautiful and so relaxed. She was fantastic, the bridesmaids, my aunt and my mam especially were stunning and they all felt and looked like themselves. I didn't touch up one bit of my make up all day apart from the lip gloss. After the trial I bought the lipstick and lip gloss and I use them regularly now, they are a perfect match for me. Ruth had a lot on her plate, there were only three for hair but five for make up so she worked non stop from when she got there till just before I left for the church. The men's got their suits from Swords Formal Wear, they were really good to work with, very patient and the suits were lovely.  We changed waistcoats and ties with only a week to go and it was no problem.  Only thing was the crotch of my brothers trousers ripped that morning but sure the aunties were fighting over who would stitch it. My flowers AMAZING by, Eileen is just amazing, I only met her with two weeks to go because she had done three of my friends weddings and I knew she was great.  But even though I'd seen her flowers before you don't really look at them until it's your own wedding.  She sent me a photo of them the night before and they were even more gorgeous when they arrived.  Eileen met the boys in the church before the wedding and put their flowers on for them and the father and mother of the groom. When I arrived at the church Eileen was there to fix my veil and dress and many people commented that she was more like a wedding planner and a great help.  I shared church flowers with another girl and Eileen worked between the two of use re budget and choices.  She is just fantastic. For music in the church we had the Legato Gospel Choir, they were just fabulous. They warmed up while people were sitting in the church and they were just brilliant. I asked them if they knew a song and they said that they would learn it for my wedding and it was just so beautiful.  I think the choir set the tone for the day.  They sang gospel, religious and classical and everything was just perfect.  If you can get this choir for your wedding just book them. Our photographer was Eric Savoie ( and we've just got the photos and they are amazing. A lot of his work is just taking pictures of what is going on and they are the ones that look the best, the pictures of people chatting at the drinks reception are the ones you'll treasure.  We've 400 odd photos and it's going to be very tough to pick the ones for the album.  Eric called to my house around 11am and he just melted into the background in a small house that was full to the brim, I just remember my mam saying that the photographer was gone out the back garden with my shoes, she couldn't figure out what he was at.  Eric is brilliant, there's a reason that some photographers are a little more expensive and it's because they are a million times better than the rest, they capture a feeling in a picture, especially pictures that you weren't present for, like two people chatting in a corner.  I'd book Eric again without even giving it a second thought. Keith Malone was our videographer, we haven't seem our video yet (he's been in touch, no problems just a little delay). Now my husband fought tooth and nail not to have a camera guy and he is the one who is delighted that we will have a video of the wedding.  We only got him for my house and the church but I can't wait to see it.  My husband didn't want a microphone on him but he said on the actual day there's so much going on that you just don't care.  I'd nearly doubt was Keith even there on the day cos he was just so discreet.  I haven't seen my video yet but his other videos seem good. I feel like I'm missing something but I think I've rambled on for long enough.  Looks like I've done a report of sorts. Hope this has been of some help, I always looked at the wedding reports for suppliers. Just a couple of pieces of advice, don't listen to anyone else's opinions about anything and don't tell people too much detail cos they'll have something to say about everything. Enjoy the week before the wedding, go for drinks with friends and family, have nice dinners and just enjoy it, you'll never have a time in your life with this excitement and all these people around you. Don't be starving yourself the final week and also don't be doing DIY rubbish the week of your wedding, life is too short. Best of luck brides to be xxx its the best few weeks, don't stress
FutureWife Posts: 298
don't be doing DIY rubbish the week of your wedding, life is too short. amen to that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Sound advice at the end there june12bride, I am taking notes :wv
Little Chip Posts: 358
Sounds like you had a great day. Congrats and very best wishes. :)
dreamscometrue2012 Posts: 1769
Sounds like ye had a great night...were using Johnstown also...great to hear, they were so good! Were having about 180, is the room too big? Can you send me your pictures of your partition? Thanks
purplepie Posts: 32
Congrats! Sounds like you had a fantastic day! Would you mind sending me on pictures of your partition as its something I am considering. Thanks!
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sioconno Posts: 1
Hi I am wondering if you could send me any pics of the partition as I am getting married in Johnstown also and I feel it would be great to make it a little cosier! Thanks Siobhan :)