just got engaged, how to pick a date

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MissesK2B Posts: 21
hi guy's just got engaged last wed on my birthday, over the moon !!!!! my question is, is 6 months way to short to plan a wedding?? we would both like a xmas wedding. i know most dresses take about 6 months is this right. he is a teacher so it will be in the school hols ie xmas or easter. don't want to wait till next summer as i am 34 now and we both want kids soon enough. so if its not xmas it will be easter. is this a more realistic time frame. also i have not had a whole xmas off work in 12 years and if i was getting married then i could get about 3 weeks off, is this an insane reason to pick xmas??? my sister got married at xmas and it was lovely, all trees and lights and christmas carols, it was really special. any advice would be great. thank you
ellerose Posts: 22
oh congrats, i think you could plan a wedding in six months no problem. that is a great reason to get married at xmas, loads of time off work. i hope it snows and all the fairy lights look real pretty O:o)
ljk Posts: 66
Hi Misses K 2 b Firstly, Congratulations on your engagement :o)ll It's such an exciting time!! I think you could defo plan a wedding in 6 months. I got engaged xmay day and really wanted to get married in Sept initially but the only reason I didnt was because I am living in London and OH in Dublin and it would have been too much for me to try and organise from here. My OH sister started planning her wedding in the November and got married in March so it's totally possible but if you decide that is what you want, I guess you would have to get your skates on. I know dresses can take up to 6 months to order but I am sure you can also get them sooner than this so just means you would have to look into a few things before you decide. Hope you get your xmas wedding and have fun planning :)
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
First of all Congratulations!!! It's such an exciting time... I would say that you could plan a wedding in 6 months if you really wanted to... You can always buy a sample dress from a shop instead of ordering. Have you looked at any venues? I'd say it could be hard to get a date at this stage for Christmas... There are so many suppliers out there so I'm sure you would be ok on that front too. I would say that maybe waiting until Easter (like me ha ha) would give you more time to plan and just enjoy being engaged etc... but it's totally up to you. Enjoy it all :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
HippyDippie Posts: 256
Oh my god, congrats!! its so exciting!! yeah id say you could get it all done! calling all favours!!! Christmas time wuld be so nice!!! snd everyone on here is soooo helpfull, if you do need help you'll get it here!!! congrats to you both :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
I think most dresses take 4 months from date of ordering, so if you didn't spend much time looking you could prob manage to get that much organised. It would prob be a bit stressful, my friend organised hers in 5 and was major stress, but would be worth it if its something you both really wants. Xmas would be so lovely, lots of nice xmas themes you could do. Crackers for favours, reindeer names for tables, have seen loads of ideas on different threads here. Just get the big things done soon, venue, church, photographer, band, and get lots of help.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
I've friends who have organised their wedding over the other side of the world in about 7.5 months so it IS possible! Might be a wee bit stressful though - maybe waiting until Easter might be better? Ours is next April, about two weeks before Easter and that's only nine months away. Might jsut ease the pressure a bit? (My H2B is a teacher too by the way!) That said, a Christmas wedding IS lovely. Take another week say and have a good long think and see what your H2B says. Personally I'd do Easter, just to ease the pressure, but you do whatever feels right for you.
JustBecause Posts: 3242
Congrats on your enagagement and welcome to WOL :o)ll :o)ll I think everyone picks their date for their own reasons and your sounds as good as any I've heard. I think 6months is tight to organise a wedding but doable. I think teaching bride has a very good point that it might be difficult to get a venue at Christmas. How about checking availability of your preferred venues before you announce your date? That way if you can't find anywhere you want you can go for Easter time.
yippeeme Posts: 2139
Totally depends on what ye want. If ye want a winter wedding go xmas, if u basically want a summer wedding, weather wise i mean, go easter. Easter is really late this coming year too so weather will prob be lovely. My friend got married last easter 9th April n the sun was splitting the stones! You could organise a wedding in 6 months but uve less than 6 months now til xmas. Sounds stupid but i reckon if ur a standard size in dresses it'd be easy to buy off the rack IYKWIM which would save u loads of time n prob money. If u go with easter ull have full nine months to plan, easter runs into May bank holiday. So it really just depends on how u picture ur wedding, wintery r summery! :wv Conrgatulations by the way! O-O
MissesK2B Posts: 21
thanks guy's for all the replies, a suppose the first thing to do is pick a date and then get my skates on, if i wait till easter it will take pressure off and i dont want to be stressed plus longer to enjoy the build up, we have a photographer my h2b cousin but he needs to know the date to know he'll def be free, also some of the venues we have rang around have some available dates around xmas. i have 8 days off coming up soon so could get loads done then i hope. and if im honest the major reason id like xmas is to have it off for the first time in 12 years, ive often had xmas day off but id be working xmas eve or stephens day. also we want to start a family after we get married which can take a long time. goin to look at some dresses with my sis next monday if i can get a few appointments, whether its xmas or easter it will be good to start looking.. thanks again guys x