Just had my ten week scan

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dita Posts: 960
Well I pushed for an early scan and feel great I did..It was great to see the wee baby..It kept waving its arm ...for hubbie it was great to he was just so delighted... so now I just have to sit back and go with the flow until the 20 week scan..
Yummum2012 Posts: 122
U must be so excited. Could you see much at 10 weeks?
coconut Posts: 2183
it is a big weighted off ur shoulders when u get to see ur little bean!
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Dita, that's great. It must really put your mind at ease knowing your little bean is ok and seeing it for the first time.
zoey Posts: 1574
That's great - isn't it the best feeling to get to see your little baby safe and healthy on the screen?? :lvs :xox :lvs :xox I hope the next ten weeks go by quickly for you. Zoey :lvs
dita Posts: 960
yes hope 2009 you could see its arm waving and you could see its little legs up in the air...and its heart beating so fast... I'm convinced it will be a boy by the look of it which of course is not logical as you couldn't know yet,,but sure its just what I am feeling now... I just feel quite emotional about...It was such a long road to get pregnant...I would now be able to tell anyone to go for IVF and not be put off by it as its not as hard as you think and it is so worth it in the end....