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Ms HP Posts: 617
Hi girls what's the cheapest way of getting tickets for the shows over the weekend - sat or sun nights??
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
Lastminute or the ticket booths in Leciseter Square etc. PS most shows aren't on on Sundays.
Ms HP Posts: 617
Thanks bluepolkadots. Surprised about sunday thought there would be matinees so thanks for letting know that.
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Friend of mine used to work in the West End and she said those Leicester Square booths are a total scam. People assume they're cheaper because they're so in your face and talk about discounts but they rarely are. She said the best price tickets you get are by going to the theatre itself and getting a ticket from the box office there during the day (or a few days ahead). If you're looking for show recommendations I'd definitely recommend The Lion King, it blew me away and I already had quite high expectations!!!
Ms HP Posts: 617
Thanks E R that is interesting! I have saw the Lion King it was unreal. Have you saw any of the others? We saw Dirty Dancing and Annie too.
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Yeah! I thought so too! She mentioned it to me *after* I'd gotten back from London so I was raging!!! We went to see Wicked which I thought was only okay, and my husband despised it! He's not really theatre folk and I think I might have just been in a cranky mood, it has wonderful reviews! It's been so long since we were there loads of stuff is gone now! I've heard good things about Matilda The Musical but haven't personally seen it so can't be sure! Have a great time in London! :)
Ms HP Posts: 617
Thanks E R so helpful :-)
StarLilly Posts: 684
Really recommend Billy Elliot! Loved Jersey Boys too. If you want something a bit alternative - Stomp - is great, only about an hour or so. Have no interest at all in Wicked but OH really interested in it for some reason so have tickets for December while its in Dublin - bit worried now after above post!
MrsGilhooley Posts: 1235
I'm a big musical fan, I loved Wicked and Lion King, I've seen Phantom lots of times - it's fabulous. Les Miserables also great. I've seen Matilda and really enjoyed it but it is one that's based on a children's book so might not be for everyone (same kind of thing with Wicked I guess). We will rock you is good fun if you're a Queen fan. The Lion King always seems to be expensive. I think it's so popular they don't need to discount the tickets. Newer shows tend to be the same. I have gotten some good bargains at tkts (Leicester square booth) I think it does have deals that are authentic but other ticket booths in tube stations etc don't. Tkts have a website too - you can keep an eye on it to get ideas. I was booking tickets recently a couple of weeks in advance and found the cheapest way to book was on ticketmaster. Other websites eg last minute were selling tickets at above face value, which was only clear at the end of the process just before paying! Also check for seat reviews