Long Term Illness and Pregnancy

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CentralCity Posts: 9
Hi there, I am a Type 1 Diabetic and TTC. I was just wondering if any of you mothers/expectant mothers are T1's and who and where you attended? I know we are "high risk" but trying to figure out who to see and where to go is all alien to me as a first timer so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
lollisue Posts: 507
Hi central city, what hospital do you attend normally for your diabetes? They usually have a pre pregnancy clinic that you can attend to give you all the info. It can be pretty scary but the main thing is that the recommended levels for blood sugars are a little lower during pregnancy than they are usually.
CentralCity Posts: 9
Thanks lollisue, I asked my hospital and diabetic team and they said it was up to me what Maternity Hospital I picked as they wouldn't see me once I get pregnant but I would then see them again after baby is born. So it still leaves me clueless. My HBA1C is spot on and everything else is "good to go", thankfully.
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
In general all the big maternity hospitals have a specific Diabetic Clinic, so that's where you'll attend once you book in - it's not a case of picking a particular consultant as if you were attending the general antenatal clinic. What part of the country are you in?
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
My Mum is IDDM and she had us in Rotunda, perhaps they all offer diabetes clinic nowadays though. She had no problems - 5 healthy kids and we are all in our mid 30's. I don't have diabetes but because Mum has it my GP told me I have to take prescription strength folic acid and I believe (from reading the leaflet) that diabetics are advised to do likewise - obviously your own GP/Endocrinologist is the best person to advise you on that but it might be something to raise with them now as I think it is advised that you take it for a few weeks in advance of conception - I'm not sure of the facts and could be talking out my :innocent: Best check with the doc Best of luck
lollisue Posts: 507
That's true about the folic acid, you need to be on 5mg which is only available on prescription. All the maternity hospitals in Dublin have a specialist diabetic clinic which you attend. It's jointly run by a consultant endocrinologist and obstetrician. There are specialist midwives also. Contact the clinic as soon as you get pregnant as they like to see you as early as possible. At that point start measuring your sugars 1 hour after meals as well as before. You'll have a lot more appointments than a non diabetic and they'll all be in the hospital, none with gp. If you've any specific questions, feel free to pm me!
jewellb Posts: 2389
I attended high risk clinic in Holles st and they are fab there!!!
CentralCity Posts: 9
Thanks for all the replies ladies. I have been on 5mg folic acid for about 6 months so that's covered. I was thinking of Holles Street as it is near to where I work and if we are to have much more appointments than non diabetic pregnant women I thought it would be handiest and not too time consuming re: travel. I have heard of a consultant there called Dr. Firth, I think he is now retired, but I heard he was an awful man to deal with it. Can anyone confirm if he is still there or not please?
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Hi as far as I know once you get pregnant your diabetes will then be treated as gestational, and they will probably see you every week. I got gestational on both pregnancies on first it was diagnosed at 26 weeks and from then on I had to attend the diabetic clinic every week (nearly cracked!) then on second I had it from begining but I was well able to manage it myself plus I told them no way could I come every week as had a little one at home so I only went every 2/3 weeks. I have now developed type 2 tbh I reckon it was probably there before I ever got pregnant anyway as it runs in my family and I would meet most of the factors for it.
lollisue Posts: 507
In the coombe the appts are every second week but you email in your levels on the week you aren't attending.