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fanta Posts: 54
Hi guys , just wondering if anyone could fill me in on they're experience of antental care in the louth county hospital. I've got my 1st appointment in a few weeks and just wondering what to expect.
Louth1 Posts: 45
Hey Fanta, I had my first appointment there a couple of weeks ago (I was 18 weeks). It was grand, quick enough. I would advise getting there early enough. You get given a number and you are called in numerical order. You are taken for a scan first. Have to say I was very disappointed with the scan, have been for a private one and the quality was way better. I really couldnt make out anything. Then you are seen by a midwife, weighed, medical history taken etc. Thats about it. They told me that for all the next appointments I will be waiting at least 2 hours. They were all really nice. Let me know if you need any more infoo
gaagal Posts: 61
Hi girls I live near the Louth County Hospital and I didnt think they had a maternity unit there anymore. I thought I would have to go to OLOL Drogheda. Did your docs refer you to the Louth County Hospital?
milis Posts: 7998
They don't have a maternity unit any more, they just do the antenatal appointments.
fanta Posts: 54
Thanks louth1 for your reply, I'm just a bit anxious about what examinations they carry out. A friend of mine went there a few yrs back and they done an internal exam at her first appointment. She had a miscarriage a few days later and she always puts it down to that exam. Like you gaagal I thought I would have went straight to OLOL, I'm just wondering now when will I get to see the actual hospital I'm to have my baby in.
Louth1 Posts: 45
I am sorry to hear about your friend. Thats awful. I havent heard of anyone getting an internal on their first appointment. I am wondering too when I will go to OLOL. I am down for a scan at 34 weeks there and that was the only mention of it. I have another appointment later this month and I will see what the story is. If you find out anything will you post it? Am eager to know. Thanks.