Love this dress(not a bridal dress)..

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bibsy11 Posts: 125
Girls I fell in love with this dress.. Its a Lipsy dress, I cant copy the image, but have the link attached below. Anyway I can't find it anywhere in my size (10)..Have tried to order it directly online from Lipsy but they are all out I think.. Does anyone know any shops that might stock it? or have you seen it anywhere?? I really really love it :o)ll , would be great for a wedding im going to in a few months... ... P00035_001
circus123 Posts: 379
hi have you tried Littlewoods, they stock Lipsy dresses
grazia Posts: 740
I think there is a lipsy shop in Dundrum Shopping centre
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I've had a peek on the Littlewoods website and I can't see it on it. You could ring the Lipsy shop in Dundrum and also check Topshop in St. Stephens Green
perfection Posts: 837
lipsy are opening a shop in next in blanchardstown... ring them i know its opening soon
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Picture won't come up for me >:o( Try the asos website, they do a lot of Lipsy.
bibsy11 Posts: 125
Thanks for all that girls.. yeah its on the lipsy website, under party dresses.. Ive rang Lipsy in dundrum, they have it in their stock room but i think only in one or two sizes.. and of course not in my size!!! On teh lipsy website, no matter which size you select it says they will email you when its in stock.. so obviously all out of them i suppose... have tried e-bay! oh i must try littlewoods and asos now... Has anybody seen this dress anywhere?? Thanks again..
Lily K Posts: 643
Have you tried Arnotts? Gorgeous dress!!
bibsy11 Posts: 125
well ive done a big more digging on this!! and its not on littlewoods website or asos.. I think the dress is actually out of stock completely(even though its new enough).. Lipsy seem to be out of stock themselves, not just the shops that stock the dresses, iykwim.. So i guess heres hopeing Lipsy have more of them.. soon!! Really really love it girsl!! Was even thinking of it for the day after my wedding!!! Which i know is a good bit away yet, i just fell in love with the dress when i saw it!