O:| We bought this cot when I was around 6 months pregnant from Mama's and Papa's and have had nothing but trouble with it since. When we brought it home we opened up the boxes just to make sure we had all the bits and pieces to go with it, noticed we were missing one of the screws so we went back and got the worst customer service-we were told 'ah sure your baby wont be here for another few months' , :eek not the point, anyway, after much debating they gave us a replacement screw. DH went to put it together tonight and my god it has to be the worst design ever!! The drop side is making a horrible noise when you pull it up or down because one of the corners has a bit of wood rubbing off it as it comes out too far, he had to drill 2 extra holes into it to make it hold the base & another hole to keep the drop side from coming away...we could have made one better! It took DH & his brother 3 hours to get it together properly & my BIL is great at DIY, he couldn't get over it. Dont buy one girls, that's the last I'll be buying there. I know we should probably have brought it back and kicked up but I know it would have taken weeks to get sorted if the hassle we had with the missing screw is anything to go by and DS is getting to big for his moses basket. I'm going to send an email to their head office about it. But on a brighter note my baby boy is sleeping soundly in it at the mo, cant believe he's grown out of his moses basket,time is going too fast!!