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happycamper Posts: 186
for the first few weeks of being pregnant i knew i was pregnant. i knew within a few days, my body went into a world of its own. then everything relaxed and even after being with the doctor (but before i had a scan) i was thinking that it could be a phantom pregnancy :o0 :o0 (like dogs can get :o0 :o0 :o0 ) but seriously i felt nothing. My stomach and boobs went back to normal and apart from being a bit tired i felt totally normal. I had my scan last Monday week and no its not a phantom baby There's definately one in there but a week and a half later i'm back thinking god is this real. I'm just over 17 weeks. haven't felt anything yet. Haven't been sick 1 day yet, have stopped peeing like a racehorse the last few weeks. Its like being normal again. I know some of yee have a rough time and it is very tough but at least you know its because this baby is inside you. But i'd just like some kind of sign that yes there is a baby growing in there. I'm not wishing sickness or anything like that on me but just some little kick or something. Is anyone else like this.
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hi Happycamper! While I wasn't blessed with no sickness or complications I have to say it did take until the 3rd scan (which was at 13 weeks) for it to finally sink in that I was actually having a baby! I was so sick every morning and I had massive boobs, I actually had everything wrong that you can think of!, but it was only seeing the baby on screen that made it sink in!!! Count your lucky stars that you feel so great. Another few weeks with your expanding belly and you'll suddenly realise yes this is actually happening!!! :wv
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
Your not alone.. I think in fact that most women would have to say at some stage or another it was hard to believe that it was real and that they were actually pregnant.. Be grateful that your doing so well right now and within 6 weeks or so you'll start having loads of movement and it will all start getting more and more real. I am 30 weeks and very obviously pregnant but on a day to day basis when baby kicks I still kind of jump and go "what was that"! And then I remember .. oh yeah I'm pregnant and baby is looking for some attention!!! :o0 :o0 Try not to worry and enjoy how good your feeling.. long may it last. :wv
OctMrsC Posts: 774
I know EXACTLY how you feel. Ive been unbelieveably lucky too and haven't had anything other than tiredness. We went for the first scan at 15 weeks and I was panicking thinking "what if I made it all up and they cant find a baby" :o0 We went for another scan yesterday and I didnt sleep all night on Monday and again I was panicking yesterday thinking they werent going to find anything on the scanner. Ive been feeling kicks and movement the last 2 weeks but still not convinced its the baby. Ive had 2 scans now and have another one booked for 3 weeks time so maybe I might believe it next time. :o0