Male only beauty salon??

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Mynewidea Posts: 2
Hi ladies, need some advice plz, iv been approached by a barber to do male only beauty treatments in the barber shop. They get quite a few inquiring about waxing and facials etc. I feel this is a niche area, would your man go? I feel that because it's in the barbers they won't feel embarrassed as no one will know what they came in for. Any advice I don't want to spend money I don't have on a business that won't have any clients....
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
You might get more results if you set this up as a poll & flag it as a poll in the subject line? I'll be honest my DH would not get any treatments done, even in a barber's...I have broached this subject with him before. I have threatened to get him a voucher for back, sack & crack wax, he is one seriously hairy man :-8 But I know a friend's husband who would avail of this, he is more of a metrosexual type. If you are in a big city I think your chances would be much better of having a good client base. Where are you looking at setting up?
Mynewidea Posts: 2
Thanks for the Poll idea, it would be located in meath (sorry I can't give the exact location at the mo.)