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G2BM Posts: 28
Hey All, I am trying to do up my mass booklet at the moment, I am stuck between a scroll and an actual booklet. I have having trouble printing both of them up, even though I have all the text typed up. Does anyone have a sample of either that they could send me where I just have to press print! Unfortunately, I am not very technical! also, does anyone know somewhere cheap and cheerful that will do nice mass booklets at a good price, maybe if I get my invitations done there too. having spent so long getting them typed up etc, and the frustration of printing over 100 of them, I think it might just be easier to get someone to do it for me!!!!!! thanks g2bm
Febmummy Posts: 429
Hey G2BM I am having the same prob at the mo, but my sister got married last year so I am using her template. I am getting daintree to print them out and to put the covers on etc etc.. think for a standard A4 sheet folded in half , the cost is aboiuyt €1.60 per booklet? Let me know if you need any other help. Spent so much time last night trying to get the vows right - next it is picking the readings! All of a sudden my H2B has an opinion on these... grrrr!! When is your big day? :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
macsmissus Posts: 928
Not sure where you are based but the Stationery Store in Naas print mass booklets - I got 50 done with card cover for €28. It was a little more expensive as I went for ivory card & paper. Will PM you re: mass booklet now.
G2BM Posts: 28
Hi Macmissus, Thanks for that, I will definitely check out the place in Naas, sounds good. The price with Daintree doesnt seem too bad either. If I need a 100 booklets, it is just 160 euro, so seems pretty reasonable if it is going to keep me sane. The OH is supposed to organise these and the invitations, he wanted to make them, but given his patience levels, I think that the best thing is the get them printed. I am not getting married until November next year, but want to take my time with the planning, and if everything is done early it means less stress for me. So I want to get the booklets done, ready to print! I have the reading picked too, thinking the OH wouldnt care, and when I showed him yesterday, I dont know that he was impressed either! As for the vows, all her wants to do is Say I DO, I had lovely vows written, and he told me there was no way he was saying all those things infront of 200 people:-) So, back to the drawing board!! I think I am driving him mental, because I am a bit TOO organised for him! I am guessing you are getting married in Sept? G2bm x
butterflygirl Posts: 31
Macsmissus: Could you please pm me please too in regards mass booklets. Having fierce trouble trying to do them. Was trying a5 at the moment. Thanks
Tulip11 Posts: 13
Would u mind PM'ing me also. I'm looking for one that doesn't have the liturgy of the eucharist in it - priest is fussy and doesn't want that bit typed into the booklet, major problem as all the emplates on come with the full prayers in it! Thanks in advance for your help
macsmissus Posts: 928
soon2bemrs and tulip11 - sent you both PM. :wv
DesignerWeddings Posts: 356
Girls Why not enter our Competition and you might just win your Wedding Mass Booklets ! :o)ll Just pop us an email for an Entry Form ! Kind Regards Catriona
mamajen Posts: 2263
Can you PM me re mass booklets too please?
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Hey g2bm I'm getting married November 11 too and I'm totally freaked out now!! I thought I was organised?!! Fair play to you you're my kind of woman!