May Brides - Where on Honeymoon??

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La Dolce Vita Posts: 522
Hi everyone, Getting married next May and would like to get the honeymoon booked during the summer. I had pretty much decided in my head it was going to be South Africa teamed up with some R&R in the Maldives/Sheychelles until i found out the weather situation. Oz and NZ are out for the same reason. We both love the sun so its going to be an essential element of the holiday. Just wondering where all the other May newly weds are planning on going outside of Europe. I've no interest in the US and ideally would like to split the holiday between paradise island and then somewhere with activities and things to see and do. Never realised getting married in may was going to cause so much hassle honeymoon wise....
Deise Bride Posts: 352
We are actually going to the Maldives. We were made aware that it is the start of the "rainy season" but I know of 2 couples who went during this period and infact May is actually only the start of it but both said that even if you do get rain, it's very short monsoon type showers that fall and dry up as quick!!! So we are taking the "risk" if that's what ya wanna call it. It's pure paradise and that's what we both want
MrsHouse Posts: 153
We had our Honeymoon at the end of May/Beginning June. We stayed in South Beach Miami for 5 nights - ideal for sun whorshippers, we then went on a 4 night bahamas cruise from Miami which was fantastic! We finished off in New York where we had loads of thunder storms but they where over as soon as they started.
Linda H Posts: 1151
[quote="Poppyseed":13g5lai3]We're going to Thailand. Bangkok and Koi Sumai can't wait :o)ll[/quote:13g5lai3] Hey Poppyseed, Where are you staying in Koh Samui? It is so fab there. Enjoy sooo... jealous would love to go back again :wv
Linda H Posts: 1151
We stayed in Rockys resort. It was magical. So reasnoble. Have a look at it on web. I would highly recommend it.