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StayShiny Posts: 1078
Hi all, Alton has me inspired but I'm also lazy :o0 Anyone living near Supervalu in Killester and you'd like to meet up for a coffee morning? I'm going stir crazy currently and only just moved to the area & would love to meet like-minded Wollies :wv I feel I'm very brave putting this out there :-8 I'm sort of shy but not always
aisleen Posts: 286
Hi SS, I'm not too far away, in Glasnevin and would love to meet up. Aisleen
the moms Posts: 1427
Hiya, I'm not too far away from Fairview. Bit shy though! :-8 :-8
StayShiny Posts: 1078
excellent :-8 :wv :wv :wv :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Wadda think of either: - Star Bucks on Sybil Hill Road - I've passed it once only so not 100% sure where, but can't really miss a Star Bucks eh hahah ... should have loads of room for us and buggies - or the Nut House beside Supervalu in Killester Village ... it a bit small though and probably won't have much space for buggies, but we'd all figure out where that was easily eh ;) - and then there is the option of St. Brigid's Church's resource centre ... it has a lovely looking tea room, which seems have to plenty of space. I haven't been in there yet I'm good for any of these, so up to ye girls :) And shall we say Wed morning provisionally? About 11 am? Now people's LOs are napping usually at that time, no worries, we could go for 12 ?? Wonderful I'm delighted some nearby-ish
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi there I am near there. I am shy too - thought about going to the liffey valley meet up but got scared :-8 If you go the moms I will too :o0 Is it a starbucks or an insomnia at the end of sybil hill? Where xtra vision used to be. They usually have lots of space I would say the nut house is a bit small with all the buggies etc
alton Posts: 3077
can I come along too? My parents aren't far from kilester and I'd be passing that way anyway.
aisleen Posts: 286
This is great! I am so sick of not knowing any other mammies. 11 o'clock should suit us, but I'll probably only stay an hour cause David's nap time is around midday and he goes a bit loopy when he's tired. :-8 I don't know any of the venues so I'll let ye decide on that. Really looking forward to meeting you all. Aisleen
MsHogan Posts: 87
Hi there, Hope you don't mind me crashing but also live in this area and not from here so don't really know anyone.. I have an older boy (just gone 5) and a new baby girl - 8 weeks so between the two of them not sure if I'll make it for 12pm this week but would love to meet a few mums in the area... Maybe I'll just keep an eye on this thread and see where you decide to go and try and make it!
the moms Posts: 1427
[quote="smurf77":ta1saref]I am near there. I am shy too - thought about going to the liffey valley meet up but got scared :-8 If you go the moms I will too :o0 [/quote:ta1saref] I chickened out too! But this one is so close I'll have no excuse...except I can't make it this Wednesday. Boo. Maybe it could become a regular thing since there's so many in the area and I could make the next one. :wv p.s. We're going swimming in the CRC tomorrow. Any of you locals going??
StayShiny Posts: 1078
hiya everyone (yippee loads ;) smurf77, yup I think you right it could be insomnia (branding obviously doesn't work on me haha) ... the moms, I was over to the CRC a week or so ago and I thought I saw a sign up saying it closed for a couple of weeks, is it open again? Cuz I'd be interested in heading there tomorrow with DD :wv What time you thinkin for? hi louliz, you ain't crashing .. .you invited also :o0 lot more naps with an 8 week old alright, so hopefully you can make it eh aisleen, I'm the same, I need to know some mammies too ;) But I do promise to talk about other things apart from DD hahaha alton, wonderful ... see you there then also right so we've got the venue I do believe sorted ... insomnia on Sybill Hill :) Now need to decide time and day ... If Wed doesn't suit everyone this week, how's Thurs at 10:30 am ??? Gives aisleen a bit more time with us & the moms - can you make it then?