Midwife wont see me till 10 weeks

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suzietwo Posts: 55
Can any one help me please, I am just gone 3wks pregant, and I Just rang the Medical clinic, and spoke to the nurse today, I had a appointment booked for this thursday, but it was only a ten minute slot per person. So today I just rang to confirm that I may need a longer appointment due to the fact that I am pregant, and she said that they dont normally see people till 10 weeks, I am actually really upset now, cause I wanted to confirm my due date, etc, take blood pressure etc Anyone know what I can do... I Live in Scotland is this normal, its making me want to go back to Ireland to my own doctor!!!!!!!!!!!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Suzie, Can you just remake your appointment, 10 minutes is more than adequate for your first appointment as they really do very little in the early appointments. My first GP visit was purely just to get a referral to a hospital and due date and BP were checked. Very straight forward and would have been totally unnecessary if I could have made my hospital appointment without it but you can't in some hospitals.
StayShiny Posts: 1078
hi suzietwo, that is quick to be seen by a widwife I would have thought. I didn't get a hospital appointment here in Dublin till after 12 weeks, and I think it was closer to 14 or 16 weeks, I can't remember now. If you are worried about anything, make an appointment with your GP, but it seems normal to me. Frustrating isn't it though. You're pretty much left on your own in the first 3 months. Try not to worry and just enjoy being pregnant. Congratulations of course :o)ll
MGTE Posts: 471
10 weeks is pretty early to have a first appointment these days. I've had booking appointments for both at about 12 weeks (12 weeks for my eldest in UK, 12 weeks here because I've had several late miscarriages and complicated pregnancy) If there is any problems between now and your booking in appointment then don't hesitate to contact your doctor.
suzietwo Posts: 55
Thanks Guys, I wont get to see anyone till the 10th week, I can see a nurse but dont think she is qualifed enough to give me a due date or anything, I just feel so alone here, (I want my mammy) your one in the clinic wasnt that helpful, i feel like bursting out crying here, all i want is my due date, and to make sure I am doing everything that i should be... all I am doing is taking Folic acid is that enough for the time being....
Jeidi Posts: 3128
You should be able to work out your due date if you know you are three weeks pregnant. What date was the first day of your last period? Do you have regular cycles? (28 - 29 day) Do you know what date you OV on?
StayShiny Posts: 1078
yah, actually there are plenty of sites that can give you a due date. is the one I used :) the nurse there can definitely give you a due date, it isn't an exact science and you'll probably have a scan dating one after the 3 months too. perhaps. That also isn't accurate haha. the due date is only an average, hardly anyone goes on that date. You'll be full-term from 38 weeks. Most babes are born between 38-42 and that why they choose 40 weeks I would think ... it's just an average. Definitely work out your due date and then use it as an estimate only. :wv
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Firstly congratulations! Secondly 3 weeks pregnant, are you sure you are not more than that, the amount pregnant you are is calculated from the first day of your last period which means for roughly 2 of the weeks of your pregnancy you are not actually pregnant at all!! So if you know the first date of your last period you can work your due date from there. I am with the midwife scheme here in Ireland and I had my first appointment at 11 weeks, they took blood etc, but, did not do much else. You will be fine, there is not a lot more you need to do other than just take as good care of yourself as you can and keep taking the folic acid. Get a good book as well something like "what to expect when you are expecting" that will answer a lot of your questions, as will the girls on here. So relax and enjoy it, it flys past. FP
AliceB Posts: 495
Hi Suzietwo... I know it can so frustrating when you are first pregnant and expect all these different things but they don't happen... My first GP appt was at about 6 weeks and she just took BP and referred me to a Consultant. I didn't even need the appt really but wasn't familiar with any consultants myself so wanted a recommendation... Other than that.. she just told me to stick to the Folic Acid etc... Had first hosp appt at 12 weeks where they did scan etc... any of my consultant appts lasted no more than 5 mins to be honest. Unless there is an issue with the pregnancy (and thankfully there wasn't with mine) there is no need for longer... Re; due dates, just look up website above... basically it is 40 weeks after first day of your last period. Are you sure you're 3 weeks? Most pregnancy tests can't be positive till at least 4 weeks? I could be totally wrong on that... Take care anyway...