might have wrong dates / im a bit confused

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honeymoon baby Posts: 270
I went to the doctor after i found out i was pregnant, she worked out my dates from my last period, i got my hospital appointment for january when ill be 14weeks, so just for peace of mind we got an early pregnancy scan on friday, plus i cant really see my self going through christmas and new year not telling any one, i didnt really wanna tell people till i knew everything was ok. so friday i got the scan she said judging by the size of the baby im only 7 weeks not 9 , but the heart beat is extremely strong, stronger than it should be at 7 weeks. She said just wait till my next scan to confirm when im due, that the baby might get a spert of growth. she actually seemed amazed herself at how strong the heart was when baby was only measuring 7 weeks Has this happened to anybody else? I dont know now if i should tell people before my next scan because at christmas i might only be 9 weeks
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I didn't know my exact dates because I have really long cycles and had gotten BFNs soon before I got a BFP. The doctor insisted on going by my last menstrual period for dating purposes even though she knew I had long cycles (I'd been with her about them before). I am going by the dates the early scan gave us, they correlate to when we think we conceived and make much more sense than the last menstrual period dates, which are a one size fits all approach and assume every women ovulates on day 14 of a 28 day cycle. I nearly died when told I was 12 weeks when I knew I wasn't, so the early scan put my mind at ease.
fluffymum2b Posts: 209
I was the exact same as you, I went to the gp to confirm and she had to go by last period which said i was 11 wks but i knew i was only 6wks. so we went for an early scan and she said i was only 6 wks but the same as you had a really strong heartbeat so we went back 3 wks later and i was 10 wks 4 days. Congrats its all so exciting xxx :o)ll