Mirena coil removal

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lisak1972 Posts: 2
I have the mirena coil with the last 1.5 years and its great, but am getting married next April, I will be 38 and we want to start trying for a family as soon as we come back from honeymoon , has anyone had any experience of the mirena coil and how long it takes to get pregnant when its removed ? I don't want to take it out before the weddding if there is a chance i could get pregnant but then again i don't want to be waiting months and months before we get pregnant either , any advice would be appreciated . Thanks
BabyBeansMommy Posts: 8
i had the mirena coil in for 7 years! i had no problems with it at all. i removed it in february 2009 and got pregnant in march 2009. i am not sure if that helps but the doctor that removed the coil did tell me that you can get pregnant straight away after removing the coil. The one thing that i would definitely recommend is to go to a doctor who is experienced in removing the mirena coil, it really makes a difference!!!!
laketahoe Posts: 119
Hi, I had the coil removed two weeks ago to start TCC. It was very easy to remove, easier than a smear test :0 The only down side has been the bleeding afterwards, hoping it will settle down soon to start trying.
suzanneuk Posts: 1
I have been researching the Mirena Coil... I had a coil for nearly 8 years..... recently had it changed (4 months ago) and have experienced horrible problems... bad periods, mood swings, very bad cramps etc... Sadly a new doc was responsible for the change... and I have not felt right since... My partner and I have decided to consider a further child... but my fear is heavy bleeding and periods from hell.. hence the Mirena Coil was fitted... I was one of the first to be fitted years ago and was Extremely happy... BUT I do remember my doc at the time stating it DEPENDS on teh dr who fits it to how you feel and its success........ I am sooooooo torn at the moment.. any experience out there? Many thanks