Morning Sickness

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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Girls im 7 weeks and until last Thursday i had been feeling fine, some bloating and tiredness but nothing too bad. But now the morning sickness has hit with a bang, i thought because i didnt get it straight away i wouldnt get it at all. I constantly feel like i have the hangover from hell and its getting worse with each day. I woke up yesterday morning at 7.30 i was so sick and was barely able to eat all day and the same today. I havent gotten sick just feel like im going to all the time. What can i do to minimise it, i have been eating ginger nuts, drinking ginger ale, plain crackers but i cant even face those now. The thoughts of eating makes me heave. :-8 I get maybe 2 hours relief in a day and i try to eat then but im not eating near enough. Im in work now and i feel like curling into a ball and sleeping.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
You poor thing it's touch. Try stick with the ginger nut biscuits and eat small but frequent. Make sure you keep your fluid intake up. You could try the travelsick wristbands too. These might help. Hope you feel better soon.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks LMS, i feel guilty for complaining cos im so happy to be pregnant and i know it will all be worth it. Bovril seems to be the only thing i can bear but at least it has some nutrition in it.
babyboom Posts: 294
Hi NotLongToGo Sorry to hear how badly you're suffering with morning sickness. I was 7wks on Friday & yesterday & this morning have woke up feeling like hell! Like you say i can only describe it as a hangover my stomach is churning I have like a dry mouth. I haven't actually been sick Thank God but I'm heaving at the thought of everything. We went for dinner yesterday I managed half a bowl of soup & the sight & smell of the dinner was too much. We ended up having to leave! I'm just hoping it doesn't get any worse. Feel so bad for anyone with morning sickness as it must be such a struggle to get through the day. Anyhow hang in there hope it will pass *)
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi babyboom, thats exactly it, the thoughts of food make me sick, there is nothing in the world i think i would enjoy eating now. DH make me a lovely steak dinner last night and i could barely touch it. Hope it doesnt last much longer. I feel bad cos im worried baby isnt getting enough nutrition.
babyboom Posts: 294
Try not to worry about the baby not getting enough nutrition I think in one of my baby books it says even though you are sick the baby is still getting it's daily requirements. Hopefully the sickeness will pass I've been flying up until this yesterday I though I was going to cry in the restaurant just with frustration & exhaustion. I was dying to just tell my family I am pregnant so they could understand how crap I feel & get some sympathy :-8 Like you I feel bad complaining (but its only to my hubby & he doesn't mind) cause we're so happy & grateful to be having a baby.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Mine started at 7wks too I didnt actually get sick though you wonder which is worse getting sick or feeling sick!! I tried the ginger nuts but nearly ate a whole packet at one stage didnt find them great but I found eating helped me :-8 (nothing puts me off food :o0 )Try your very best and most importand keep hydrated find a fluid you can handle and keep drinking...its awful but please God it goes at week 12
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Yeah i was flying too, had a great appetite and im finding this very frustrating. Dh said to me last night when i said i felt guilty for complaining that i probably feel like im going through this for nothing as i dont "feel" or look pregnant. I think he is right. :o( Hope you feel better soon. :thnk
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Girls, Dont worry about the baby not getting enough nutrition, I've been severely sick since week 6 (only better the last two weeks, hospitalised five times from severe vomiting) and i've been assured by all midwives, doctors and consultant that even when you're eating absolutely nothing, as long as you can hold water down your baby will be absolutely fine. You would want to be SEVERELY sick and malnourished before there would be a danger, and in that case (Highly unusual) they admit you to hospital. Hope that puts your minds at rest. Also, don't think you'll all be as sick as I was just because you're feeling dodgy now, again, it's very unusual to be as bad as me. OB
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks MrsOB, thats good to know. I feel bad cos the first nearly 2 weeks everything i ate had great nutritional value - omega 3, vitb, calcium, etc and now all i was (well today anyway) is plain crisps. :o0 I remember my Mam was in the Coombe for d&C and lady there was on a drip and couldnt hold anything down, she ate a small biscuit and got sick straight away i felt so sorry for her.