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Vera Posts: 197
Anybody else decided to go here? The costs are pretty steep. I'm waiting on VHI to come back to me about how much they will cover. It's the nearest hospital to me thats why I want to go there. All feedback welcome.
oirish Posts: 1541
I'm going there just had my first antenatal appointment. Its a very personal decision that only you can make but for what it's worth I found them very very nice in the twice i've been there and its close to me too. Are you a member on magicmum? in the childbirth forum there is a really long thread on Rotunda v mount carmel you might find interesting.
Vera Posts: 197
Thanks, I'll have a look at that. I'm not a member yet. How are you feeling?
oirish Posts: 1541
not too bad today thanks Vera !! was sick a few times this morning but now I feel very hungry and i think i'm in a humour of a cheese toastie :) oh, and you know you can also claim back whatever your VHI dosen't cover on your MED1 form at the end of the tax year - so that might help with the fees too ?
prianon Posts: 75
Hi! I am 12 weeks pregnant and am attending Mount Carmel.I just had my 12 week scan today.So far I am finding MC brilliant.The Landscape Clinic where you attend for your visits and scan has a very relaxed and chilled atmosphere.I am attending Dr.Valerie Donnelly.I had my first visit at 8 weeks where I met Dr.VD and had a scan.My second visit was today where I had my 12 wk scan.That was amazing. It is a personal choice but so far I am very pleased with my decision. It is expensive.The total cost works out aprox. 10k and QuinnHealthcare will pay 5,500 towards is and you have to pay the balance yourself. Best of luck.
River Posts: 845
Hi, I'm attending MC too. My Consulatant is Dr Tunney so I go to his office just around the corner from the hospital. It's a bit more expensive than going private in a public hospital but I decided I deserved a treat on the first!
girlymum Posts: 696
I am also attending Dr Donnelly and so far I am really pleased with my choice. Don't forget that you can also claim a lot of the money back on your Med1 form with your tax returns at the end of the year.
Wannabamama Posts: 481
Hi Girsl im attending Mount Carmel too, my consultant is Dr. Tunney, he is very nice and makes me feel very as ease. My only experience with the hospital so far was for some blood tests, I left Dr. Tunney's practice walked across to the hospital and was finised in ten minutes, could not believe it was so quick. We live and work about 10 minutes away so its very convenient for both myself and DH.
noon Posts: 229
Hi Girls, I'm also going to Mt Carmel. I haven't attended the hospital yet as I am going with Dr Dockeray who is based in Charlemont Clinic. I had one appointment with him and he was so nice. My next scan is in a couple of weeks in Charlemont & then I have a scan at 22 weeks in Mt Carmel.So far no complaints. The consultant has been so nice & I had a few queries and the hospital staff were really quick to reply and so friendly. When I got my blood taken I fainted and was so sick. The nurse was so good and let me lie in the bed for an hour and came into me twice with tea & biscuits, she even organised a taxi home. It's a personal choice, but for me even though it's a lot of saving, it is well worth the money. Just for info we have VHI family plan plus and they pay approx €3300 towards the hospital & €850 towards the consultant.