Ms Jolies birth story - very positive!!!

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ms jolie Posts: 166
Well I cannot believe Im writing this with my little daughter asleep beside me. She is absolutely beautiful and didnt give me a difficult labour either! This was my first baby and I started having contractions at around 5 oclock in the evening. I went into hospital when I thought they were starting to get quite strong (bearable, but they were not yet regular). On the way to the Rotunda I started to get regularly contractions around every 5 mins. I was checked as soon as I got to hospital (now 1.30 AM) and told I was 3 cm dilated already! I thought Great I can do this! I was then told to walk around to try to get my waters to break...I actually got some relief from walking around. At 3 AM I had my waters broken for me and they examined me again....girls, I was already 9 cm dilated at that point!! At that point I was thinking about asking for the epidural, but the midwife told me that I didnt need it and that I seemed to be managing very well indeed without it and that the epi would just slow every thing down. I agreed that I thought I could manage on just gas and air. At 4.30 I was 10 cm!!! I was then told that I could push whenever I felt the urge to. It was another hour and ten mins before I felt any urge to push. I started pushing at around 5.40AM and baby Alannah was born at 6.10AM!! To be honest pushing felt more like a relief with a stinging sensation whenever I reached the pushing peak, just before her head emerged. So delighted with how everything went, I had a fantastic midwife helping me through it and had exactly the labour I wanted with no epi and not one stitch!!!! I just feel so lucky and so blessed to have a fab baby daughter. She came out and was proped straight onto my stomach where she had her little arm in her mouth! She has a great appetite and Ive been jokingly saying that she came out so hungry she was trying to chew her own arm off!![img] Would like to post a photo, but dont know how![/img]
shootingstar Posts: 1340
Congratulations!!! Love hearing the birth stories! I bet she is just beautiful!xxx
baby peanut Posts: 810
Congratulations, your birth story sounded like it went soooo smoothly. *)
darkie27 Posts: 1449
fab story mrs congrats would love a birth like that xxx
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Many congrats... :o)ll I'll take that birth plan please!
Gallifrey Posts: 472
Huge congrats Ms Jolie. Hope I have a labor like yours. :o)ll
Astra Posts: 1409
You lucky thing...I would give anything to have a labour like that. Well done! Congratulations and welcome baby Alannah (lovely name) :o)ll
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
Congratulations!!! I hope I have a labour like that. I bet she's just beautiful. Delighted for you!
dreamer Posts: 3941
Congrats!! I love hearing birth stories like that!
baby-bel Posts: 929
Congrats mrs Jolie :thnk , what a positive birth story :o)ll (hope mines like that :eek )