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elizajane Posts: 631
Hi all Need to go a do a wee bit of bulk buying on nappies this week - have twins that are flying through current stock! Anyone know if theres offers on this week anywhere or wheres best to buy? Bought last bulk buy in Boots with the offer on two mega boxes with €9 off which was great! Thanks in advance!
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Bad time of month to be looking for nappy offers. They are always on offer the first week of the month (when children allowance are out). In my opinion, Supervalu do the best deals. The usually have the mega boxes for €15 or the Jumbo boxes for €10. These are cheaper pair nappy than the Tesco or Boots offers. Dunnes also do the Jumbo boxes most months for €10.
elizajane Posts: 631
Thanks a mill - might just buy some to bring me through the next couple of weeks and then watch it for the offers for the bulk buy!! O-O
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
If there's no offers would you try Aldi? My friend just had a baby 2 months ago and tried huggies, pampers and aldi nappies and found aldi's ones the best! They're getting rave reviews on here too!
elizajane Posts: 631
Ya-I'd have no prob at all trying them! These little darlings are very good at chewing up the laser card so anything that mite ease that is worth a shot n my book!