Nightmares about wedding?

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puggle Posts: 848
Does anyone else have nightmares about their wedding? I've still 10 months to go but so far I've had the following nightmares. :o( It's the day off the wedding and I... - forgot to get fake tan & nails done - forgot to tell chuch musicans what music we want - forgot to organise flowers to present to the mothers - forgot to pack case for hotel and honeymon......................................................................................................the list goes on!!! I'm really looking forward to our wedding but think I'm just afraid that everything won't be perfect.
april09babs Posts: 926
I used to get terrible ones a few months ago but thankfully they stopped. They were actuallt starting to affect me, I was going around in a daze :o0
dulchiebride Posts: 69
Hey, I have 11 months to go and I have had similar nightmares, including forgeting to go for my final fitting and picking up my dress!! I am sure it will be OK on the day though...hopefully!! DB
birdie Posts: 954
OMG I had my first nightmare about the wedding last night! It was TOTALLY ridiculous! The dress was in 4 parts and I lost one of the bits so that everyone could see my bum! :eek And the dress was HORRIBLE, it was all patterned and just yukky! And then there was somebody using the church for something when we got there so we had to have the ceremony in the priest's front room instead!!! :ooh And of course I was horribly late and kept telling my parents to hurry up and they were just dawdling and totally taking their time getting ready!! AND after it was all over we realised we'd never signed the register so we weren't actually married at all!!!!!!! :eek :o0 :o0 :o0 I really do worry about myself sometimes!!!! It's going to be a long year if I keep having mental dreams like that!!!! :o0
camie Posts: 23
OH , I know how you feel. I being getting ones where my mother has a fit, O:| nobody turns up, O-O a row breaks out, >:o) My dress going awol :duh: The list goes on, Hubby to be thinks its funny because the only one we know will happen is my mother. He keeps saying I should hire a babysitter for her. He not been terrible, he just knows how she can upset me >:o( Don't worry about the dreams, try and relax every night before going to bed and letting yourself know everything is in order for the big day. :xox Also have one weekend in every month where you do nothing for the wedding, in others go shopping for you and you only also helps. :xxs Good luck with everything
puggle Posts: 848
Oh I feel better now knowing I'm not the only one having these mad dreams. I was beginning to think I was becoming wedding obsessed!!!
elleq Posts: 117
ha ha me too and i have over a yr to go! Dreamt a cousin was really rude and horrible on the day Dreamt i was at the hotel and it was all wrong, and i kept having not just the wrong clothes on but only a tee shirt! omg! & had to borrow clothes from mum but still somehow ended up wandering around in the t shirt! also had dreams about the ring, losing the diamonds, finding the diamonds had turned black etc etc. anyone wld think i didn't want to get married :o0 :o0
gerbil Posts: 3528
Classic anxiety dreams :) I dreamt that I lost my engagement ring, or the stones fell out of it and all kinds of things. They stopped once I got it insured :D
MammyC Posts: 3621
I had a dream where I just put on the dress but didnt make an effort with the rest , hair, nails, make up , false tan. My parents were making us two hours late and when we finally got to the church the priest went on for hours!! Oh and my H2B wanted to watch Shrek in the middle of the mass?!? Wtf? Oh and on a good, non crazy note, I was having a good time laughing with my h2b at the alter! So I know thats not what Im worried about. :o0 H2B also has them too sometimes, Its just stress!
tutts Posts: 21
I know the feeling, Im having alot of nightmares about the dress, its totally the wrong colour and it looks like im going on a night out not getting married!! I dont have any hair or make-up done either, I feel so terrible then when I wake up like it really happened, I have to look at the ring finger and check!! Its total stress though.. Im nervous about the night before wouldnt want to wake up feeling like that the morning of the wedding, i think a few glasses of wine and lights out!