No 12 week scan at rotunda?

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Littlepud Posts: 945
Just wondering if anyone else's gp has told them that the rotunda do very few 12 weeks scans now because they are so busy? I was told to just see practice nurse around 12 weeks and only then will she refer me to the rotunda for my 20 week scan. If this is the case I'll book a private scan for 12 weeks
ScissorsGirl Posts: 785
I was only in there yest and I got a scan. A v quick one but but still a scan and a picture They r really busy but even on my last preg I got a scan every time I was in the rotunda. They r nothing like ur 20 week scan or a private one they r so quick. It's just so the Dr can see the heartbeat I think they try get people to go to the midwives clinic as it gets do busy but for my 1st app I'd go in. Chances are you'll get a quick scan I'd prob still go for a private one top tho!'
Littlepud Posts: 945
Thanks for your reply scissorsgirl. When i was in there for my booking scan/appt in Feb 2011 for my first pregnant it was quick like you said but it was a great peace of mind too. I was thinking of calling on Tuesday nd just asking for a booking appt. The worst they can do is say no? It says on the website public patients don't need a referral letter from gp so i think i might chance my arm ;)
happilywed Posts: 638
im not sure how much its changed since i was(cant be that much as my lil mans only 2.5months old ) there but i got scanned at 12 weeks and on most apointments later in pregnancy just a quick 2min job but its definetely reassuring hope you get one
missc Posts: 875
You definitely get a 12 week scan. They have to do it to confirm ur dates. When I got bfp I didn't even go to gp I just rang rotunda and I had appt in post the next day for 12 week scan
Littlepud Posts: 945
Thanks misc, i called the rotunda myself yesterday morning and the lovely girl on the phone said she'd post a date out to me. So glad i didn't listen to my gp, she's usually so good and helpful. Can't wait to get my date now and see our new baby for the first time x
missc Posts: 875
Oh it's so exciting. Congratulations :-)
Littlepud Posts: 945
Got my appt this morning, less than 6 weeks away. I'm thrilled :)